Oh My Dog – Lead them in battlefield

[Game] Oh My Dog – Heroes Assemble

Oh My DogIt is time for all “underdogs” to counterattack! Collect your cute dog heroes, lead them in battlefield, and defeat whotever as you like!

The weak can defeat the strong via flexible strategy changes!

There are Dog Leaders from all over the world gathering there: together with your Dog Troops, just meet, compete, unite, and rise!

Story Background
One common midnight, you are tired with your dizzy head buried in the endless work.
Faced with the annoying humiliation from your boss and colleages, you looked up to the sky and screamed: “I want to change this!!”

Suddenly a light flashed into the office, and the dog god came! ! !
“Why do you have to swallow your anger ? Just bring these dog heroes! Your fate shuffles from this moment!”

Game Features

Dog Heroes Assemble
Over 50 characters to choose from!

Fight between Dog Heroes
Battle never ends!

Quick Stage Clear
Clear 100 stages in 1 hour!

Easy yet Strategic Gameplay
Select skills strategically for combat!

Diversified Battlefields
Switch battle scenes freely!

Contact us
Facebook: www.facebook.com/OhMyDogEN/
Discord: discord.gg/Uv258xUhsd
Twitter: twitter.com/OhMyDogMobile_

Oh My Dog user reviews :

I like the game so far. a few issues I have are. Sound quality. the music gets really loud in some areas then quiet. While if you get unlucky the difference instances of music will overlap with each other. The voices for the characters are being overwhelmed by the music. I think because they are way to quiet. Some of the voices are from the voice actors mistakes. example is the murmaid’s line about throwing trash in her yard. Some improvements on the touch/clicking would be good.

Great game, although small issue. I can’t claim the pre-registration dog and I’d like if you could get rid of the ! Notifications in the bag without having to use the item because personally, I hate having notifications like that sticking around. Not saying get rid of them at all! I’d just like being able to click on the item, not using it, and the not going away. Also going to bring up the fact I can’t claim the pre-registration dog again so it’s not glossed over. But still, it’s a good game!

Game is okay and pretty average for a mobile game. The storyline makes no sense, it’d probably be better without one. Gameplay is pretty average The character’s voices arent all normalized to the same loudness, so it really throws you off when one character talks and is extremely louder than another one. There’s a lot of instances where there just aren’t spaces in sentences. like “Unlock at pass level100” or “needs 4points to unlock bluechest” The game just seems very lazy and rushed

  • Hello, thank you for your comment. Welcome to contact our gm via facebook Messenger if you have any question about the game. We will try our best to help you. Sincerely waiting for your arrival. facebook Link:www.facebook.com/OhMyDogEN/

I pre registered for this game because I thought it looked cute. Did not disappoint! In my attempts to lock in a nice early ranking, I have invested in several of the passes and VIP bonuses, and it hasn’t been too rough on my pockets. Seemingly endless rewards and interesting characters. The voice acting could certainly use some adjusting, as some voices are way too loud while others are inaudible. Grammar errors abound! Get a team to correct the grammar and fix awkward sentences, and ur golden!

The game overall is amazing I love the graphics, design, and it’s cool how you can chat with people like in raid shadow legends. Another cool feature is that you can capture players and get some of there afk cookie income. The codes also help a lot early game. The only reason it’s 4 stars and not 5 is because that alot of things you (Probably) need is locked behind an add, or multiple adds. Overall great game, would recommend to my friends! ( .v. ) (Oh yea also a raid copy)

I do like this game a lot, it loses a star because I’m constantly having to totally come out of the game and restarting it because it becomes unresponsive, it doesn’t matter where I press nothing works, have now uninstalled the game because it was really crazing me freezing like it did I’m running the game on WiFi with a VPN also, I’ve tried turning VPN off etc but stil the same, it’s when I press a button, they just don’t do anything so I have to exit the game and start it up again.. constantly

  • Hello! Is it a network or server problem? With network delay, we suggest you switch to 4G/5G, WIFI or add VPN server; if you can’t access the server, please contact our facebook GM www.facebook.com/OhMyDogEN/

Clever at the expense of functionality. Clicking/tracking are bad and you’re constantly directed to aspects of the game you can’t access until higher levels. This game looks cool but doesn’t work well. There are better games like this available.

  • Dear player, thanks for your like and support of the game. We will continue to release more interesting activities and content. For details, please follow the Facebook homepage: www.facebook.com/OhMyDogEN/

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