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Empire ClashIn Empire Clash you can build your own empire and experience all of history from the ancient age to space age.

Explore new technologies and build Wonder of the World. Establish your empire with sophisticated strategic battles and cutting edge science in Empire Clash. Create your own world: Empire Clash!

1. 20 Actual Nations
Choose your base nation to be developed to the great empire from 20 actual nations all around the world. Just like our real world each nation has its own benefits and the Golden age.

2. History from ancient to space
Experience the most important sites and scenes of the human history from the beginning of civilizations, scientific discoveries and historical figures. Who will be the pioneers beyond the age of Space?

3. Wonder of the World for you and your Guild!
What are your Wonders of the World? Each Wonder of the World is power of the Empire. From Pyramid to the Grade Wall build and upgrade them in your Empire.

4. Boss Battle / Team Battle
In Empire Clash you are not alone any more. You will defeat boss all together and battle with others as a team. Get together and achieve great rewards.

5. Battle & Trophy
Collect and control your trophy count. Ranking, matchmaking, and rewards based on Trophy makes Empire Clash more strategically exciting game.

6. Guilds
Make a guild and recruit guild members. Grow your guild up sufficiently and Contribute to Guild’s Victory!

Empire Clash user reviews :

Its nice but it takes forever to confirm information

This is surely one of the best, game that I have ever play. It’s not hard to play,and one good thing it’s not to long for it to replenish. It would really be nice if. Your character would say keep up the good work,fighting for the cause. “Now get out there it’s a war going on”. When you reach level 20 and 100. To encourage you to keep playing the games. You won’t just be fighting for the cause, you would be fighting for the chance to hear and see you character move on the screen. That truly would be a blast

There bunch of people taking out the world boss in 30sec not alot of time to join in world boss to get diamonds one person just took out mini world boss in 10sec WTF if you going to play this game you need a darn big deep pocket to spend money to be to have fun if ya dont its not fun at all

Decent game honestly. Since you can BUY troops with Jewels you should be able to SELL them for jewels also. Its only fair.

i had just installed it hoping to receive rewards from tapjoy but my rewards hasnt arrived so im rating it low! i jad followed the instructions but wasted time instead without hmy rewards !

Very interesting game. I enjoyed it from the start to the finish.

This is the worst game for this type. Boss battle take 3-7 days to kill and the highest reward is 6 tier units out of 15. The jewel reward is crappy. Please look for other games in this type because it will take years have a good account or spend thousands of dollars to get a head.

Be much better if you could actually build an empire not press a button to make progress. Such a shame about this game ah well. Uninstall

It would be fun if same rules appled to everyone the big spenders can curse or what ever they want with nothing done by play zen others get accounts frozen or are banned ive sent picture evedence 2 times of people tjat pay alot of money they still have accounts

Interesting game could use the ability for more moves for earlier levels

Well thought out game with plenty of things to keep you busy. Only thing of concern is there isn’t level resttictions

this game is ok doesnt have data transfer so when i got a new phone i had to start all over i didnt bother though game is overrun with pay to win players

Everything has a success rate of “50%” which is actually more like 10%, they are just trying to get you to spend money

It’s better than their dragon game and cooler buildings and units and other things

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