On Air Island – How can they escape the darkness

[Game] On Air Island

On Air IslandWhatever you want! Whatever you said!”

“Don’t Stop Supporting Me!”, a program where contestants have to survive on donations alone on a remote island for a week.
Seven cast members, each with a different purpose, gathered there.

In the midst of magnificent nature, a refreshing breeze turns into a bloody, gory breeze.

About the game
‘On Air Island’ is set on a mysterious ‘remote island’ that is full of intrigue.
It tells the mysterious and horrifying story of the main characters trapped on a remote island.

You are the audience, but you are also the ones who can save or kill the characters as they run for their lives from the dangers that abound on the deserted island.
Will the cast be able to escape the island’s labyrinth that is closing in on them and survive?

Game Story
A remote island has been chosen as a battleground for a stimulating survival program,
A cast of characters, each with their own reasons for being there, are thrown together.

“When ‘it’ calls you, don’t look back.”

They have no choice. They must survive.

But as the night draws in, the darkness draws closer and closer, consuming the cast…
How can they escape the darkness that is getting closer and closer?

Forget the survival programs you’ve seen before.

Recommended for these people!
Those who like mysterious stories or light novels
Those who like free-to-play and indie game genres
Those who are tired of typical story gameplay
Tired of cliched games! Those who like unique indie game genres

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On Air Island user reviews :

So far, the game is promising but frustrating. On the plus side, the story is interesting and I like the art a lot. On the negative side, there are three issues I have. (1) The gem system makes it expensive to make choices. Thus, you would use money often or go at a snail’s pace (2) There is a glitch with the ads that sometimes you don’t get the reward or even freeze up the whole game. (3) The translation is rough with either typos or odd sentence structure that is hard to follow.

Not bad, Not bad at all! I’m having fun but it’s a little hard to understand with jumbled English. Sometimes the dialogue is written in jibberish or off topic. I figured out the clovers but it took me a minute. At the beginning of the game it was laggy and kept freezing during pulls so I couldn’t tell if I got anything or not unless I closed the app. Some pulls just don’t work

I Absolutely love the app, besides the fact that the character designs are off the charts (especially hanses) and how each character has a their own unique personalities, the Lil donation system usually isn’t to expensive, and you get about 9k coins every time you check your mail! now, about the one lost star, sadly, you can’t hardly leave a point where you left off, either your character will full on die, or it will just end. Yall need to add more endings. But good game overall! Thx!

I love how interactive this game feels with the simulation of watching a livestream but rather than playing as the character. You play as a viewer who encourages the character’s decision. I enjoy how you’re able to choose ur options with a “donation” system which I find interesting but also saddening as I have to save up enough donations to continue with the story but I feel it helps maintain a pace. Can’t wait to finish playing the 1st character and the rest that will be released in due time

Okay, I wasn’t expecting that it did be a great game! Really, this is really interesting! The characters, arts, Graphics, and designs are well made. Gems are really easy to collect too, what makes it more interesting is the donation items for the characters! Thought I had just played yesterday, I can tell that this game is really good! I can’t wait to see all the endings and all those horrifying mysteries too I absolutely recommend to people who love phychological-horror games like me!

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