One Punch Man – The Strongest

[Game] One Punch Man – The Strongest

One Punch Man Saitama, a guy who became a hero for fun.
After three years of his training, he finally gains the ultimate strength he wanted.

The official turn-based strategy mobile RPG licensed by and adapted from popular Japanese anime series ONE PUNCH MAN is coming!

Fight along with Saitama and be a hero for fun!

Game Introduction
One Punch Man – The Strongest is adapted from anime ONE PUNCH MAN, originally created by ONE and Yusuke Murata. The whole game production was supervised by the production committee including SHUEISHA. Experience the One Punch Man game that is faithful to the original setting and relive the heroic battles!

Game Features
Customizabe Combination, Variable Strategies
You can fight along with Saitama, “The Strongest Hero”, and face the disasters and villains straight out of the original work. You will need to recruit various heroes and villains, and form your exclusive lineup. Through smart strategy thinking and the combination of unique character features and skills, you can dominate the battlefield.

A Wide Range of Characters, Each with Unique Intros
Saitama, Genos, Terrible Tornado, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, Boros, each with their exclusive skills and costumes, which await your discovery!

A Variety of Modes, Rich Gameplay Available
Institute of Genetics, Association Arena, Unnatural Disaster, Extreme Training, Awakening Trial, multi-player team play, PVE campaigns and last but not least the Saitama combat mode, and thrilling one punch kill in quick clearance of challenges!

·Voiceover by Original Voiceover Cast
Saitama CV: Makoto Furukawa
Genos CV: Kaito Ishikawa
Speed-o’-Sound Sonic CV: Yuki Kaji
Terrible Tornado CV: Aoi Yuki
Hellish Blizzard CV: Saori Hayami
Silverfang CV: Kazuhiro Yamaji
Atomic Samurai CV: Kenjiro Tsuda
Child Emperor CV: Minami Takayama
King CV: Hiroki Yasumoto
Zombieman CV: Takahiro Sakurai
Drive Knight CV: Yoji Ueda
Superalloy Darkshine CV: Satoshi Hino
Puri-puri Prisoner CV: Masaya Onosaka
Amai Mask CV: Mamoru Miyano
Mumen Rider CV: Yuichi Nakamura
Doctor Genus CV: Daisuke Namikawa
Boros CV: Toshiyuki Morikawa

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One Punch Man user reviews :

Okay… I wish their was an easier way to get at least 1 of your favorite heroes at the start. I still want a saitama unit. I believe it is very feasible with some minor changes to his current in game design. They still did a good job handling the hero so far. The game feels like the game is much more interactive and entertaining then i expected. The current weak point in the game is UI navigation. Sometimes i spend too much time fumbling through the UI navigation instead of playing.

Very fun, but the tutorials need to be optional or skippable whenever you unlock a new feature. When you get to the point where you can actually start playing the game on your own, it’s almost impossible to even upgrade your characters without unlocking a new thing and being forced into another battle. It’s extremely frustrating when all of a sudden you get pulled out of the character menu and get stuck in a damn tutorial. I spent 20 minutes already just trying to upgrade the first 3 characters

I have played the gamee for a few days, and found it to be quite confusing at first. It took me a while, but I did get my head around the different systems. Once I reached level 20 the game started to get really hard. I used up all my resources to upgrade my characters, but found I was unable to procbeyond a lot of encounters. That’s when the heavy monetization vame in. It sees that every system was designed to push you into microtransactions.

Game has way more rewards and activities than your normal gatcha, with the added bonus of being OPM themed. The rewards so far are very generous, but the flipside is a pretty abysmal drop rate for summons, but at release it’s understandable, hopefully it improves as more characters come out. It’s confusing to start, there’s so much going on at once, but once you get into the groove of the play it’s not too bad.

So far freaking amazing! I’m level 29 on the account so I’m not sure if I’ve unlocked this option yet or not; my only concern is that I’m not able to make mutlipe teams. Sometimes I’d just to use other strategic options without changing my whole lineup. I think the characters also need combo breakers. In the first one punch man there was a cool feature where (for example) if you knocked a character up in the air that if another character had a passive to trigger a combo. My only two complaints.

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