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[Game] IDLE Berserker

IDLE Berserker Play the easy-to-grow IDLE Berserker: Action RPG in the palm of your hands!

The swordsman wondering around Gasgaia was on the verge of death due to a critical injury, but miraculously survives because of a girl who appears out of nowhere.
However, when he realizes that the girl who saved him was taken as sacrifice to the Black Dragon Trakan, he signs a contract with the Reaper and is reborn as a berserker full with rage.

Spectacular combat action
Feel the power of the berserker that amplifies in rage!

Infinitely growth RPG
Grow infinitely to defeat the Black Dragon Trakan.

Easy gameplay
Anyone can easily enjoy the game. The game is simple yet packed with splendid action!

Rich collection
Obtain and upgrade tons of amazing equipments and skills!

Breathtaking game contents
Enjoy various contents such as auto battle, dungeon, summon, quest, and hero growth!

Unique costumes
Equip unique costumes and diversify your berserker concepts!

App Permissions
Optional Permissions
required storage access permission to save game data

How to revoke access ▸ Android 6.0 or higher: Settings > Applications > Permissions > Permissions list > Revocation settings ▸ Under Android 6.0: Upgrade the operating system to revoke access or delete the application ※ If you are using an Android version less than 6.0 Since you cannot individually set optional access rights, it is recommended to update to version 6.0 or later.

IDLE Berserker user reviews :

No need for the 1 star reviews on release day when some maintenance was needed. Also, it takes a hot minute for updates to be fully available on the user end. That being said, this is truly looking to be my favorite idle game, to date. The theme, artwork and enemy design are very appealing. Gameplay is simple to learn and feels very rewarding. Great skillset customization. Ads are only for perks and cheaply bypassed. Ignore the impatient people and definitely give it a try. Coupon codes change.

I’m generally not a big fan of idle games BUT, this game hooked my attention. For some reason, I sort of liked the photos of the game shown above, somehow it interested me, I pre-registered and now played it. Fun and good experience, quick progress and I like the way it slays the enemies. The graphics are okay and the mechanics are good enough. Well, no issues for now so I’m looking forward for upcoming updates.

The game, despite being idle (though you can swith it to manually activate skills), is quite addictive – in a good sense. They did a good job with early missions to guide you through the main aspects of the game. The artwork is superb and fits the theme. I’m rating 4/5 because of not having some good soundtracks.

This appears to be a reskin of blade idle. Oddly enough, it’s a far more beautiful game than the game it copied, but as I played I immediately thought of blade idle. And as things started to unlock I couldn’t believe how close the games are. The weapon merging, weapon upgrades, skills, quests, they’re all basically the same. I mean, between the two I’m sure this one will stick longe because the art is far superior, but for whatever reason they kept the uninspired quests too.

I keep getting a maintenance in progress error. I can’t wait to try it. Home screen needs a contact developer option as we test the game out instead of having to do it through the review section. I’ll edit my rating as the game progresses **update ** After bug fix and update. Great music ! The game is straight forward, but give many options. I’m adding more stars for this fun game

  • Greetings from CookApps! We’re sorry about the issue that you mentioned. Please update the app to its latest version and if the issue persists, please let us know through our Customer Service. We’ll do our best to bring you the best gaming experiences in the future!

Only one complaint and it’s more of a personal opinion. I’d really like to see the weapons change form and shape in your hands just like how you see them different on the icons. More weapon models would make it more exciting to be on all the time

i pre-registered and got it the MINUTE it went live. drains my battery a bit more than i thought and its laggy in some places. the animations are very pretty and unlike what some people are saying i actually got my free gems and costume for the pre-reg. it does need a bit more free costumes and events and such but those’ll probably be added in the future ( i hope) it is brand new after all. overall solid idle game with the “shadow warrior” aesthetic with cool animations and music. strong 4stars atm

Latest Update :

Changed the style of all the battle interface, healthbars, position indicators, opponent’s name
Bigger cards and new clearer style
Removed optional features such as inactivity fade out, auto-end turn and dynamic cameras
Currencies no longer abbreviated if under 10K
3 initial robots, adventure no longer mandatory to play PVP
Tutorials adapted for 3 robots.
Fixed many stability, navigation and visual issues
New efects and cards balanced

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Video :

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