Onet 3D – Exercise your logical thinking and memory

[Game] Onet 3D – Classic Link Puzzle

Onet 3D   Onet 3d is a popular and addictive pair matching puzzle game.

You can download Onet 3d for free on your Android phone and tablet. The game has tons of challenging well-designed levels to train your brain,exercise your logical thinking and memory. It is the best time killer for you!


The goal of the game Onet 3D is to remove all tiles from the puzzle board by matching pairs of identical tiles.
Match tiles with the same picture and they will disappear.
Keep your brain sharp while relaxing, having fun and relieving your stress.

Easy & fun matching game Mechanics.
Inspired from the classic Mahjong game, and also we introduce a brand new mechanic.
Use powerups to overcome the difficulty.

Amazing and unique art design
All tiles are 3D modeling pictures.
We have tons of amazing themes in Onet 3D.

Why play Onet 3D
Play Onet 3D free puzzle offline.
The game is very relaxing.You can play at your own pace.
Train your brain.The puzzle is not hard and you have hints/shuffles if you can’t find tiles to match in the puzzle.

Ideas or suggestions? Just contact us at where2gogogogo[at]
Thanks for helping to make our game better!

Onet 3D user reviews :

ABSOLUTELY OBNOXIOUS. The ads are insane! Even if you turn sounds off the ads are loud and constant with No ability to turn sound off. This is pathetic to do to anyone. Shoving these garbage ads that mean nothing down our throats and not even allowing us to to turn off the sound while we have to wait for them to be over is ridiculous. I don’t want to hear you have no control over the ads either because you can do something about it. The game itself is nothing it’s really chaotic! Uninstalled.
  • BigPanda Studios
  • Hi there, we are really sorry for the inconvenience. The ad platforms we are working with are responsible for delivering these ads. Anyway, we’ll inform the relevant team and see if there is anything we could deal with it. Hope you have a nice day!
I am enjoying this game. There are some technical difficulties with this game that impact the enjoyment of playing. Such as the responsiveness of the game to multiple “hits” on the like tiles, the delay impacts my timing. When told to choose tiles apart for greater points, this doesn’t always happen. I understand that when one reaches greater levels that the level of difficulty is there, as it should be, so having easier games injected is nice but frustrating. Over all, this game is fun.
  • BigPanda Studios
  • Hi there, thank you so much for your feedback! We will inform the developing to check the issue that you mentioned and optimize it to bring you a better gaming experience!

This game can be played when one is bored.I am a 5st std girl.Now in lockdown i have notting to do at home. I am bored. That time i installed this game. Its a very interesting game for me. That’s why i have given 5 stars to you… And your levels are much better than other games. But the only time is that you contains a lot of adds after each game… Thank you..

Wowww amazing game to kill time am just loving it although itvhas few difficult task but we can just solve it with the help of hints or even skip it which is cherry on the cake

I like it, it has alot of different levels. It has an automatic shuffle which I don’t like. When I’m at the end of the game, it shuffles the rest of the objects. I am 70 years old and it’s too easy for me.
  • BigPanda Studios
  • Hi there, thank you so much for your love and support for us! The automatic shuffle will only appear when there are no available objects to match.
This is a fun game. It will keep you thinking at times, but you do get a break here/there with easy boards. With ANY games I play, I have no problem with ads, they just don’t annoy me…. But I have to say, there’s quite a few in this game. Not that I’m annoyed, going to use foul language or threaten to delete it….. just knowing myself, I won’t play it as often. Onet has a # of games that are A LOT of fun, as well as having less ads…. to that I say thank you!
  • BigPanda Studios
  • Hi there, thanks for your love and support for us! As you know our game is free to download so we need ads to financially support our development and maintenance. Most ads can be skipped after 5 seconds and removed by purchasing ad-free in-app. After the purchase, banners and pop-up ads will be removed.

I love this game. Its so fun and calming because the sounds are all so nice. Thanks for this game. Its helps me relax and the game wont stress u but will make u feel good

Love this game! There are a few things that are unpleasant and confusing, but all in all good relaxing game. There are too many ads, and for some reason I cant get anymore milestones. Love that there are special games like for St Patricks Day, Mothers Day and Christmas. Wish there were more.
  • BigPanda Studios
  • Hi there, for ads, you know business! We need them to financially support our development and maintenance. You do have an option in Shop to remove ads. As for Milestone, we just partially released a new version with more milestones, could you please try to update it? If you are unable to do it, no worries, we will fully realease it soon!
Awesome!!! I love going through the levels gives you a chance to repeat, but not too many times without starting over. 110%. A perfect score, then then a ten percent bonus.) I do not give those easily… You have to watch commercials if you want it free, but hey, you gotta pay the price somehow! I don’t know if this will be in an upcoming level (I’m at about level 130) but I’d like to make myself an avatar if possible… Thanks! Merci Bien!!
  • BigPanda Studios
  • Thank you so much for your love and support for us! We would definitely optimize the game better and bring you the best gaming experience!

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