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[Game] Origami Paradise

Origami ParadiseOrigami is the art of folding paper into all sorts of animals and objects.

This intricate form of art is the inspiration behind Origami Paradise, an idle game where you bring the world of origami to life! Populate your world with all sorts of intricate origami animals. Choose the paper, paint and add stickers to each origami animal to your liking. Arrange and build your animal habitat and watch as your animals interact with its environment.

This is a preview version. There are many functions still in progress. We appreciate your feedback and support!*

Populate your world with all sorts of intricate origami animals
Choose the paper, paint and add stickers to each origami animal with our robust customization system
Decorate your world with all sorts of little critters and natural environments
Each animal will uniquely interact with their own environment
Expand your world by unlocking other habitats and islands
Special rare animals are hidden throughout each island, can you find them all?

Discover the charm of origami!

Official Website:  origamiparadise.xoyobox.com
Facebook Page:  www.facebook.com/OrigamiParadise/
Discord:  discord.gg/szDzbBgnp4
Twitter:  twitter.com/OrigamiParadise
Instagram:  www.instagram.com/origami.paradise/

Origami Paradise user reviews :

Very cute game. I love the origami and it is great that you can customize all your animals! However to progress to complete objectives I need to watch ads. The ads play and then fail afterwards and I don’t get credit for watching. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It is very frustrating when it keeps happening. The quantity of ads isn’t the problem, but if I watch them they shouldn’t fail. This causes me to avoid all optional ads as well because why bother.

  • Thank you for your report! The developers will be alerted to the issue. Is it possible to contact the Origami Paradise customer support team at support_origamiparadise[at]seasungames.com? Would like to ask for more details regarding the ad fail. We apologize for the inconvenience.

A fun little casual game, suitable for playing when you have a spare minute or two during the day. No forced ads so far, and premium currency is easy to earn. The only issue I’ve encountered is the massive brush size when trying to draw on the animals. I tried zooming in, but the brush still stays huge. Not a serious issue, though. More of a mild disappointment.

  • Thank you for your review! Your feedback is much appreciated!

I was really enjoying the game, but it crashed after completing a quest and now will not load properly. EDIT: Cleared data and reloaded a prior save (lost 4 hours of play), but none of my painted animals were saved on the cloud save. EDIT 2: Stuck on the same quest that crashed it earlier. As long as I don’t complete it I can continue playing, but it’s slowing my progress.

  • Thank you for your report! The developers will be alerted to the issue.

This game is so fun! Really easy to lose track of time while playing. I’m glad I pre-registered for this as I’m really enjoying it. I love how stylised the game is, it feels unique due to the origami animals and environment. I also love that you can choose how many of your animals you have out at once, lots of games don’t do that and it prevents everything from being cluttered. I can tell I’m going to have a lot more fun with this and can’t wait to see what events arrive!

  • Thank you for your support! Happy to hear you’re enjoying Origami Paradise!

So far I’m really liking this game :D unitised a few things mainly with the waterwheel decoration item, I was messing around with any new items I got to figure out all the game has to offer and I noticed the waterwheel can only be placed on land which looks very strange (I put it behind bushes next to a ledge so it looks in water) and also in the customsie section the auto fill doesn’t fill in the same parts if you colour the same places on both sides- sorry for the nitpick- it’s an amazing game

  • Thank you for your support! Happy to hear you’re enjoying Origami Paradise and your feedback is much appreciated!

Very very cute game! For it just coming out I’d recommend this! I sat for like an hour just zoning out playing, the leveling is quite fast but the gaps between being able to buy stuff helps balance this. Very cute seeing which creature you’ll unlock next, love the concept and will be playing for a long time. Will update this review if anything changes, other than that good game so far

  • Thank you for your review! We’re happy you’re enjoying our game!

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