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My Hamster StoryMy Hamster Story: Merge Dream Mall is a unique management game that features an adorable art style and a soothing pace. Create a memorable experience in the bits of time after work and study!

Adorable Hamsters & Lovely Stories
You’re here to manage a mall for hamsters. You’ll meet all these adorable hamsters, and they’ll come to you with all kinds of requests or even just to talk to you. And don’t forget to tease these cute ones from time to time, unexpected things might happen!
Some of them are into workouts, some are still students, and some have got a deep pocket…
There are even landlord hamsters and those wearing pure gold necklaces!

Management & Leadership
Your employees, cute as they are, might also be a problem for you, because it’s really important for your mall to make them happy when they are in a bit of trouble or when they hand in a resignation application to you.
They’ll work as waiters, directors and managers…
And baristas who are always ready for some little tricks.

Unlock a variety of funny little shops
You’ll select upgrades for your shop. Count your pennies and build a prosperous shop from scratch.
There’ll be convenience stores, dessert shops, and cafes.
And gyms! Where you build chest muscles with mouse traps…

Keeps your wits about you for unexpected events
Not all hamsters are here to spend – some are coming to steal from customers or harass them, while some might come with a windfall…

Share with your friends, hire more employees and take your mall to the top of the leaderboard!

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My Hamster Story user reviews :

So, for whatever reason, I’ve been playing the merge portion of the game and not getting development points anymore. Also, the timer to restore energy is staying at 0:00, not letting me restore energy until I turn the game off and back on again. I’m sure they’re glitches, but they’re making it unplayable. If I can figure out how to fix it, I’ll rate it higher. It’s a cute game.

My new favorite game ever! I honestly love this game, it’s very cute. The style is very fun, And there is no pop-up ads. There is ads in the game. However, you can choose to see them or not, and if you want currency without paying, you can use the ads to get it, so they make Watching the ads kind of strategic. I love the matching game and building all the little shops. I love the little hamster dialogue. Like truly, just a great game, Simple, but you won’t get bored!

This game is really good. But tho, i feel like it lags my device a bit. But its just my phone, overall, great game! One problem tho, if you could help me, can you PLEASE add a auto save?? It kinda annoys me how you need to save for yourself.. so if you add a auto save, id be very grateful! Anyway. Good game! Ads are optional! Overall, 4 stars! I’d probably make it 5 stars if you fix some bugs and auto save, id really recommend this game! But u need to have a good device, unlike me

So far it is very fun. Surprisingly, it is addictive but easy to play. There are lots of stuff that let’s me earn money, so it’s not difficult to run the mall. Graphics are really cute too, and I love the little dialogues the hamsters have to keep me engaged! There are also lots of different spawned and power ups to keep the Merging Minigame fun and not boring! Keep up the good game!

Fun somehow. i just dont like the matching thing. it’s giving me OCD i dont like the mess of different catergories like socks with food items. I dislike that

Super buggy and laggy but has potential. The ads also lag and pause not even halfway through. My wifi is fine so don’t bother saying it’s my Wi-Fi

It’s actually super cute. I saw an ad for it and was hoping it wasn’t just a cute ad and that the game may not deliver, but it’s actually very adorable.

  • We are truly happy that you enjoyed our game. Thank you so much for your evaluation. Your praise will help us to create more interesting games.

I am obsessed. This game is so fun and I easily play it for a couple hours before I run our of stamina and then I have to wait. But it’s so fun! I don’t mind waiting.

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