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[Game] Orixo Wormhole

Orixo WormholeThe sequel to Orixo is here!

Orixo Wormhole comes with a new challenging feature: Wormholes.

Similar to its predecessor, Orixo Wormhole is a relaxing, mind-bending, minimalist puzzle game that offers hundreds of hand-crafted levels to immerse yourself into. A beautifully meditative soundtrack accompanies you in your delightful experience.

How to play:

Fill the grid by dragging your finger over cells with a number inside of it. The number represents the number of cells it will fill. It can fill in one of the four cardinal directions. If a cell is already filled, it will fill the next available cell in the direction you chose. During the drag, the cells that are going to be filled will be highlighted.


362 hand-crafted puzzles
All levels are free and accessible from the start
Hints are available to help you find the solution to some levels
Game progress is saved automatically

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you find any issue with the game or if you simply want to send us your feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

Orixo Wormhole user reviews :

This is eat this is an easy to rate five star. The game starts off slow and gets a little more challenging with every puzzle. There’s a little bit of math but mostly it’s just used to propagate more puzzles. It’s definitely a different twist from most puzzles I run across. Kickback. relax. try it out

  • Thank you for the positive feedback Floyd! I am glad to hear you enjoy the game.

Not a far cry from the original, Orixo Wormhole puts a spin on the original gameplay with the introduction of the wormhole tile. While Orixo was mostly a simple casual game with a few tough levels peppered throughout, its successor takes to a much simpler difficulty curve. Perhaps the developers were afraid that the new wormhole element might be difficult in itself and adding difficult levels would make the game unnecessarily complicated and end up alienating its audience.

  • Thank you for your thorough review! We approached the level difficulty differently in this title. They are now organized by difficulty from the level screen. If you want to play more challenging levels, you can try the harder packs.

The original version of Orixo was already great, and yet you made the game even more interesting with the addition of portals to the puzzle. All the nice looking interface, music and puzzles in the original version are present in this version as well. Really great

  • Thank you very much for your 5-star review!!!

Love it. The Wormholes were a cool add-on to Orixo and makes the levels even more different. I also noticed how the game has new features from the fan’s requests such as the lock option of the menu bar. Keep up the good work!

  • Glad you are enjoying it!

A great way to self medicate. Controls are simple but the puzzles are challenging. Ads are non-intrusive and it gives you options on how you want them. Love the ambient sound track too. Good job, developers.

  • Thank you very much for your 5-star review! I am glad to hear you are enjoying the game.

Just like orixo but more challenging and more fun. It’s an online and offline game of puzzles. The game is simple , has nice graphics and the puzzles are unique too. I hope you’ll enjoy the game.

Very nice game with a lot of levels to go through. Loved the medium/hard levels, they weren’t hard enough to be frustrating, nor too easy for it to be boring. 5/5 plus the portals complement very well this kind of games.

The first about 20 levels are fairly straightforward, after that then it gets super addicting and challenging. Basically just like the original orixo but harder and more interesting with the wormholes and all.

This game is Amazing If your die-hard fan or just started playing, that likes doing challenging puzzles, this game is for you ! The Interface, Sound, & Music, is enough to make me actually feel chilly and enjoy the Orixo Experience !

Played about 35 levels, challenged not even once and then list interest. Probably the audience targeted is at younger ages. There’s no some kind of scoring either. Felt like playing a half baked game.

  • Thank you for the feedback. Levels are organized by difficulty. You can chose which difficulty to play from the levels menu.

My ideal puzzle game, sometimes simple, sometimes very challenging. All in all the perfect puzzle game.

Brilliant game. Calming music. Hardly any ads. I really liked the concept of the game. A step forward than the normal Orixo. Keep it up

The game was awesome! I loved it! Very relaxing. The ads are not as bad. I have been trying out more of your apps and completing them. I hope you come out with more games like this! Thank you developers! 5 stars

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The game has been temporarily removed from the google play store

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