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[Game] Paint The Cube

Paint The Cube In Paint The Cube, it’s your job to navigate colorful paths through a maze by painting lines.

But here’s the tricky part – the maze is spread out over a cube, and you can’t see where the end of the path is!

Swipe up, down, left and right to spread colorful paths around the cube. It’s super satisfying to watch the cube twist and turn as you paint it with color. But watch out – it gets trickier as more paths appear! So make sure you don’t leave any path unpainted, or else you will need to retrace your steps to solve the puzzle!

Which direction will you take to make it to the end of the maze? It’s your job to think outside of the box (or cube!) to make sure you complete each tricky challenge. As you complete more levels, you unlock more beautiful colors and patterns to paint with.

It’s you against the cube – have you got what it takes?

From the studio that brought you other free games like Pull the Pin, Parking Jam 3D, Sandwich!, Clash of Blocks and more!

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Paint The Cube user reviews :

No issues with playing game or glitches. Los of ads, (to be expected). I’m on the 400’s and the frequency of trickier puzzles has improved. Otherwise, it’s not hard to paint when you only have two choices on direction. I definitely like when there are more choices of direction. Occasionally, you can paint yourself into loop that you cannot get out of to completed.

Level of difficulty increases far too slowly. I’m over level 400 and still way to easy. Was hoping to get to the level advertised by now, but not even close. Even at this level, there are many levels that only have one route through, making it a mindless task. The controls and graphics are excellent. Would be nice to have different groups of challenges at various levels of difficulty to choose from.

Followed the ad that showed a challenging puzzle. The first level that has options is level 33. Level 102 still is a one way forward level. I had maybe ten (maximum!) levels that I had a minimum of options, but I would have expected them at about level 10. I kept playing only to make sure I wasn’t missing out on something. It took me about 30 minutes to get to level 100. Please advertise it as an easy and relaxing game, cause there is absolutely no challenge like you want us to believe.

I went up to level 75 and there were MAYBE 10 challenging levels up to that point. It’s more for aesthetics than mental exercise. The levels lead you through a straightforward path so you really can’t screw it up. As for ads, there were plenty, but you can skip each ad after 5 seconds. Which is superb. Don’t make me sit through the whole ad every time. Overall it’s fun, it’s just not challenging. So I’m uninstalling.

Nice concept and pleasant graphics but I can’t be bothered with the ‘build a town’ aspect. The levels don’t really graduate to any real level of difficulty so it quickly becomes boring. After a while it’s just the same levels repeated over and over. There are only a couple of levels where it’s possible to get stuck if you make a or wrong turn. Many levels are just a single line so impossible to fail. You never see the level shown in the advert.

I’m most likely going to delet it. The game itself is a nice time killer but it’s not worth it when they have an ad every 2 rounds. And each round takes a few seconds. Each add is a long add, at least 30 seconds which is longer than a round in the game. If you close it and open it the last round you did has to be redone so it’s like an ad after every round. I get that you need ads to profit but dang this renders the game un enjoyable. I’d rather just pay for it.

Great way to pass time. So far the levels are not too difficult. Which can be a good thing if you want to relieve stress. Would be nice if levels could be organized into difficulty settings and/or add different play modes, i.e. time attack or multi-player mode for competition against other players or find a way to introduce other challenges within the game. Overall review is well done. Keep it up!

The idea is unique and has promise. The ads aren’t too intrusive, plus they enable you to open bonuses without having to pay. The current issue is the controls. They’re frustrating enough to make me quit. Either the sensitivity needs to be increased, the area of sensitivity widened, or maybe hold for a second before swipes.

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