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[App] Palmary Weather

Palmary WeatherPowerful weather application. Clear, simple interface and accurate forecasts.

You will be fully prepared for any weather conditions!

80000 locations all over the world.
Current conditions, 24-hour (with an interval of 1 hour) and 10-day (with an interval of 3 hours) forecasts.
Forecast Charts: barometric pressure, temperature, probability of precipitation, precipitation, wind, humidity.

3 beautiful home screen widgets.
Possibility to configure widget without removing it.
Location slideshow on widget (OS 2.1 and later).
Automatically tracking current location using GPS.
Temperature at the status bar.
Flexible auto update preferences.
Option to not waking up device for weather update while it is asleep.
Application is ads supported.

Currently the app supports English and Russian languages.

Palmary Weather user reviews :

Temperature is more often than not wrong. Sometimes way off. Weather projections are wholly inaccurate. Needs a way better weather engine. The only good thing is the layouts & widgets.

I rarely write any reviews. Has to be good or bad. Have been using for more than 7 years now. Had this app on 9 different phones and tablets ( HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, Asus…). Have been checking weather everywhere before going on a vacation, and surprisingly was accurate. Unlike any other apps. this one is not annoying with pop-up ads as all others. Almost no ads at all and as accurate as all weather app. Keep up the good work.

Some locations ALWAYS get totally wrong barometer data for CURRENT weather. At the same time FORECASTS are OK. For example, in Ukraine and Russia it could show current pressure as 765 mmHg while BOTH forecast and actual values are at 740 mmHg. This difference of 20-25 mmHg is almost CONSTANT. It looks like forecasts (that are correct) use pressure values with altitude correction, while actual values (that are wrong) assume zero altitude. However for European countries it shows everything fine. This issue is present here for YEARS. Which is really surprising: forecasts are always assumed to have lower quality than actual weather data, but here it is vise-versa.

Enjoyed this app for the last year. I really enjoyed the fact that the widget showed a three day forcast. However, since the provider changed it has a problem loading, showing the correct date and the correct temperature. It’s now unreliable

I have used this app for years. Now the ads are so obnoxious, half the time it won’t update to current weather info, and the weather is wrong so often this app is unusable. Right now it is showing a 50 deg temp while three other apps and my thermometer is showing 61. I think it just randomly picks a weather location and displays it. This app is now just a money grab for advertising dollars. Because obviously no quality assurance or developer thought is going into it.

This App used to be AMAZING a few years back. Always used to be very accurate, even more so than some mainstream forecasters. However, development froze for long time… When it came back, apparently changed Weather Sources…? And it’s not been accurate since…. Everyday it forecasts Thunderstorms, even though there weather is calm/settled. Open each day, still forecasts Thunderstorms within the day, even though main weather shows settled. Can no longer rely on it, which is a pity.

Was really enjoying this app but haven’t used it for several days and now it will not display current day/date and subsequently temp and forecast are also wrong. Too bad. It was great! Uninstalling and moving on to try out one of the other 3 million weather apps.

  • Sad to hear. We are preparing new version where auto-update algorithm is dramatically improved.

This used to be a great app, but it’s gotten ridiculous with the ads. The ads take up the space of three cities at the bottom of the screen. As of this moment I’m looking for another app to replace it and if I find one I will be deleting this one

  • Could you please write what’s wrong with ads to palmaryweatherapp[at] Screenshot will be the best option.

My favorite weather app, however, it has some bugs (which I have emailed the developer). Hope these bugs can be fixed but for now, I’ll be using Meteored. If bugs are fixed, will update feedback rating.

It’s Back! Today’s update fixed it, so happy for its return. Tried a couple other weather apps during the down-time, none are as beautiful or easy to read as this one.

This is a great app when you’re going on a cruise and can check the weather, time etc on one screen and multiple cities with multiple widgets.

love this app, unique inteface and very convenient. I am ok with small ads at the bottom, but now in new version full page ads will sometime appear, so two stars

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