Pandaclip – Help Chiwa and friends in their quest

[Game] Pandaclip – The Black Thief – Action RPG Shooter

Pandaclip  Pandaclip with cute anime girls.

Chiwa and friends want to go camping, but suddenly a problem occurs and they have to fight the invasion of black bears who steal their food. Let’s help Chiwa and friends in their quest to defeat them and prevent the bad black bear from stealing food again!

Game Features

Shoot your way through hordes of black bears
Collect loot and upgrade your equipment to get ready for the boss battle
Choose between many playable characters with different playstyles

Visual Novel style dialogue with character expressions
Beautiful CG Illustrations you can find throughout the story
Funny dialogues that will make you smile throughout the game

Great arts and beautiful anime girls waiting for you to play

In this anime game you can choose the best one from many costumes for your girl
Many cute accesories to choose from

Don’t have internet? You can still play this anime game offline

Pandaclip: The Black Thief – Action RPG Shooter uses cloud save to save your progress when you’re online so you can keep your progress throughout many devices
Don’t worry about losing your progress when changing device

Pandaclip user reviews :

This is the first time I played this game and it looked pretty cool! When doing some leveling up your characters, it goes to like level up like only passed 1 level each. And it’s pretty still easy to beat the enemies even in nightmare mode I was hoping it could like maybe instead of increasing health, must increased defense. But that’s the only thing I can give a suggestion to add for improvements. Overall, it’s alot of fun to play it. 4.5 star rate for this game!

I had a great experience with this game. I love it a lot because its cute, funny, and down to earth. It runs smooth, gameplay is very casual and basic stuff for anyone to understand, very pleasing to the eye, recreated the modern warfare meme, it a simple story so there is no way you can get mixed up, and the characters are very silly and somewhat relatable. Altogether it is a very nice game and its really funny and cute and worth it to get.

Gameplay wise, this game have potential. The storyline and character design also really soothing and cute. The only thing that keeping me from giving 5 stars is the english translation text in the storyline. While I can understand what’s going on, some choices of words used are confusing, making the sentence seems incomplete. There is also the issue with the lack of proper punctuations that lower the immersion of the story. Hopefully it’ll be better in the next patches. Good job so far team!

Not bad, but the game is still unstable and crash a lot of times, especially when you try to login using googleplay it just force closing, forcing me to play it offline, perhaps maybe it’s because my potato device (lol). But overall it’s a fun game, just make it more stable in the future updates especially for low end devices and i’ll give you 5 stars

So I haven’t played a lot yet but so far apart from the English being wrong sometimes it is a great game to spend time. The mechanics are fairly solid as well as the controls and the story is simple and silly but that’s what makes it funny for me, you’re free to disagree with me on this one. I may change this review in the future if I see something note worthy but that’s pretty much it. Aside from the English which could use some help, a good and fairly enjoyable game.
  • Hi-Clay Games
  • thank you can you tell us what’s wrong with the english? which part if possible

Nice gameplay, cute bear girls, and it’s a shooting game! I just hope that it won’t be a play to win kind of game, cause I don’t mind paying for cute clothes and cool guns, let the stages be fair at least. Also, game dev, the walking controls feels a bit delayed, I think it could use a bit of tweaking.

This game is very well-made, not gonna lie. The movements are kinda slow otherwise, this game is pretty good and not only being creative, game is using other kind of details from other sources such as anime, other video games and etc. I’m waiting for more updates and some event items duration should be longer (my opinion though).

A cute and happy mess. Random punctuation aside and a clear sign english may not be the writers first language, the game is solid. Characters are cute with varying personalities, they have bright colors and good controls for gameplay. Think of this as an interactive visual novel.

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