Panilla Saga – Are you ready to meet the Fates

[Game] Panilla Saga – Epic Adventure

Panilla SagaJoin OBT events to get up to 100 Summon.Pre-register and login to claim SSR [Arthur],Silver Hero Card x60, Gold Summon Voucher x10, Diamonds x500 and Coins x1M.

Are you ready to meet the Fates?
Panilla Saga’s retro-style animation is a blast from the past. Real-time and idle options allow you the freedom to play as you want, and daily rewards and battle bonuses keep you in the fight to save Panilla from the forces of darkness.


One tap to get abundant rewards;
Tactical auto battles;
Nearly 100 Heroes from 6 Factions;
Unique and magical Artifacts;
Fight alongside or against allies at the Guild;
R-like exploration & Mini games;
Personalized dreamland design;
More special events

Eons ago, the Primordial God created an ocean. Where seeds of life budded and sprouted, the world of Panilla was formed.
The golden era shone as brilliantly as the sun high above the world. Panilla was an idyllic land, verdant and full of life.
But the divine power of Yggdrasil waned as the prosperity of Panilla grew. The world fell to chaos, and humanity became depraved.
The peace was burned in the fires of war, and humankind begged the Gods for succor. The Gods marched to war, to face evil at the prophesized battlefield; the Land of Ragnarok.
The Continent of Panilla lies fractured. The Sage Stone of Lucelia has returned.
The Gears of Fate, have started to turn!
Join today and prove that you are the hero you were meant to be!
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Panilla Saga user reviews :

Panilla is overall a terrific game. It allows you to play at your own pace – literally – with 1,2,4x combat speeds and an option to completely skip the story if you want/need. The animation is awesome as is the sound. I have the heroes’ voices stuck in my head right now actually. The characters are mostly female but aren’t cringy like a lot of these games. For critiques I’d say the combat doesn’t feel very deep. The characters don’t seem very unique. It’s not awful but could do better

Better than some other idle games, after playing a lot of mobile games for years, this one hasn’t made me delete it day one. The voice acting is a lot better than expected, art style is smooth and works very well with the CVs. The gameplay is of course mainly idle, but when you enter battles, it can be set automated. Personal thought, I would like it a bit better if I could select the attacks and target, but it gets the job done. Great to play when bored

Giving 5 Stars for 3 primary reasons. 1: Story is solid with a strong hook that keeps you interested as you make your way through. 2: Played for several Hours, Not once did it ask me to rate, And The Game has tutorials but they are miniscule. No hand holding, you unlock a thing, shows you how to do the guided thing. Then it let’s you do what you want. I got to stage 2-10, not even upgrading equipment. Lost a few times THEN it showed me how to upgrade equipment. 3: The Character models are FANTASTIC!

It’s a really fun game, and I really enjoy the characters. It’s super addictive and i find myself getting attached to certain characters for their backstories and abilities. I’d love it if they could make fan-made character contests whenever they want to develop more characters, it would make the game more personal and fun to see the other player getting involved with the game itself.

So, the game hasn’t been out very long but there are some glaring issues with the game, mainly balance. The rates are solid, and the art looks good but…the enemies out power you very quickly (you’ll be struggling as early as chapter 2 or 3), there isn’t enough ways to get leveling resources nor do you get enough from those limited sources, the free currency seems like it could rough to get in the future. Also, healers are REALLY bad which makes the balance issues even worse.

It’s been a lot of fun so far. The game is pretty generous with you taking things slow. It’s friendly to newbies, as in the hall interface you can check Hot Heroes to see the most popular teambuilding and tier lists. Runs pretty well on my phone. I love how there’s a bunch of settings included already like whether or not to download voices for the stories.

This game is really fun and has a great system to it. If you want to grind you can go to a certain point in this game but if you only have a few minutes to play then this is it too as long as you collect your chest/ 12hr time slot of built up material/xp/gold/etc. The characters are great and the game is always somehow fresh in its own way with a lot of unlocking but fair qualities to it.

Latest Update :

Research Room
Tengen Championship
Christmas Special Event: New Heroes, New Skins, New Events
New City Decoration: Snowy Night, Bright Fireworks
Decreased dungeon difficulty at incipient stage
Fixed data exception in battles
Removed phone permission request

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