Project Clean Earth – Retro pixel graphics and gripping apocalyptic world

[Game] Project Clean Earth

Project Clean EarthA combination of Roguelike and Hack and Slash (H&S) gameplay.

Retro pixel graphics and gripping apocalyptic world.
Dynamic Sci-fi survival action game.

The earth is contaminated with radiation.
Humanity’s ultimate weapon, ‘Bernard,’ comes to earth
to purge the mutants, the only creatures who remain.

Enhance Bernard using dozens of weapons, drones, relic items and various events to
complete the project : Purge the Mutants!

Strategically combine Ranged, Melee, and AoE weapons and drones
You will never get bored as random roguelike relics and events will be added every time you play
Figure out the attack patterns of the diverse, unique mutant monsters and destroy them
Grow stronger and try out new stages and modes

Purge the mutants now and enjoy the new Roguelite Hack’n Slash game!

Project Clean Earth user reviews :

Kind of like a slower Vampire Survivors where you have to take into account the attack cycle of each weapon and you get a decent amount to choose from. Nothing is complicated and while the UI is a little jarring at first, it quickly grows on a player. Simple mechanics allow me to easily pick it up in between other things without getting too distracted.

It’s really a fun game, however: First star lost: almost half of the ads you watch for a bonus glitch, and u really need the bonuses. I am ok with the ads, but not if I watch them and get boned out of the bonus. Second Star loss: pushes toward payment mid way. I don’t mind throwing a few bucks, but the conversion is so bad I don’t wanna waste my money I WILL play this more, but I won’t support adds since they glitch and no payment since it’s over priced. Still a really fun game.

Game is great, my only problem is that enemies have increased speed when they approach you, so it’s impossible to maintain a distance and you’re always trapped between monsters, they should have a flat movement speed, that would make a lot more of sense, it also seems when you get slowed enemies also get less movement speed, so what’s the point? other than that great game

Honestly a really good game, the only issue I have with it is the sheer number of yeti enemies there can be in a match (meaning you can often get spammed to death thanks to their slow status effect) and the difficulty of the boss rush mode (personally I think it would be better to send one boss at a time and send in the others at set time intervals)

Amazing game! Addictive to play, doesn’t force adds in your face, maybe slow in the beginning but gets a lot better when you get the hang of it. Also nice art style. The only thing I’m missing is an endless game mode, would be nice where you could use all your chips and level them up in an endless match.

Couple things, enemies are way too fast and this quickly becomes a game of kiting and hoping you don’t get hit by one thing that slows and stuns you no matter what hits you (why?) Secondly, the randomized upgrades to stats is by far the most stupid and ridiculous thing I’ve experienced. I’ve only unlocked five upgrades, all to do with HP and defense which end up being useless when you get dogpiled by enemies that are WAAY too fast.

It was fun at first, but when I reached lvl 14 it got impossible, of they trap me, in dead instantly. And they are at least just as fast as me, if not faster. Even with mines and turrets I can’t beat them. I don’t even make it half way in through the levels. That took away the fun the game had. Edit: also, the fact that you freeze for a second when hit is really annoying, especially when being chased by a horde of enemies.

There’s one huge (quit moment) bug. Adverts to repawn or triple rewards sometimes don’t load. You get stuck on a black screen and have to force close the game, losing your progress on that stage and any rewards at all. *Developers please implement a timer on the ad screen so that if one doesn’t load, you can still X out of the screen after ~30 seconds to get back to the game. This is a standard across most games.

The game has repetive gameplay (only a small selection of enemies) and the progression is based on buying upgrades, which requires you to watch 30-second ads every game unless you want to grind forever. If you want to pay for an ad-less game that lets you play more than 5 rounds at a time? 25$. An absurd price tag for a mediocre game. If you like the genre, go play ‘magic survival’ instead.

It’s so hard even to begin with, just downloaded the game and I had trouble at the start it was too hard. The projectiles of the mutants are too fast and the scaling of the guns is slow as well as there should be more crates spawn so that we can keep up with the scaling mutants but I see great potential at this game actually at the end of my every game it’s satisfying to claim rewards. Pleease nerf at least the mutants projectiles.

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