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[Game] Paper Heroes

Paper HeroesLead your army to victory in a universe at war!
Paper Heroes is a casual idle RPG strategy game that features an unlikely cast of sci-fi heroes looking to gain superiority in the galaxy.

Choose your heroes and build your team. Plan your line-ups and bring up to 5 Heroes into each battle! Smash through legions of enemies with clever war tactics!

Recruit and upgrade your army in the Hideout. Merge your heroes to give them more power-ups. Assign your troops to the Gym and ascend your heroes in the Ascension Lab.

Test your mettle in the Training Center to collect your bounty of awesome rewards. Assemble powerful heroes to fight your foes in Gauntlet and clash online with fellow players in the Arena!

Recruit Cynin Sato, Striker Scarlet, Gravity Enigma and other amazing heroes and start your epic adventure in the world of Paper Heroes with a bang!

Paper Heroes user reviews :

Surprisingly fun game. Not entirely sure what genre it is except you fight automated battles and level up the heroes and such. Something about it is keeping me hooked so far.

Okay after playing this game on and off for months its safe to say that the developers are really doing their best to improve the game. There is constant communication with us players on Discord. Gameplay wise its still good fun with large armies of troops & heroes clashing. I can climb the leaderboards over time (with proper resource & knowledge ofc) Microtransactions are there nice to have but not necessary. The art is great, especially the new heroes. Recommend for a good easy fun time

  • Hello Tan Jiahao! Thank you for your kind words and time to leave us a review – we will do out utmost to ensure the best gaming experience for all players! Please don’t hesitate to leave us any feedbacks or suggestions at paperheroes[at] or our Discord channels

Very cool game. However, it needs too much attention. I would suggest making a automated function for story levels

  • Hello Tamarind Candy! Thank you so much for your kind review – we are really happy that you are having fun in the world of Paper Heroes! We will take your feedback of smoother story stages gameplay into consideration! If there is anything we could do for you, contact Striker Scarlet on Discord or leave us a mail at paperheroes-cs[at]!

Merge troops to increase stars and win auto battles. Pace of the game is slow. There are better versions of this type of game (IMHO)

the gameplay is great, but the graphics can be way more be upgraded.

Updated 2/2/23 – this issue I had was promptly fixed and have to say that I am pleased with the game since. So once you get your first hero they give you the option to spend a little money and get an epic one. I waited and leveled up the first one you get up to level 9 and then purchased the new hero. Then you get a quest to level up you heros and it makes me select the new one only to get that one to level 9 and then get stuck in a loop since I can’t get it to level 10.

  • Hello Matthew! We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused. We have rectified the issue and compensated the items into your account. We hope you will continue to have fun in the world of Paper Heroes!

These guys have perfectly proven that you can make a merge game without forcing ads between every single level. I can’t stress this enough! If you use strategy and play enough you can get as far as you want without spending a ton of cash or watching more ads than playing levels.

  • Hello Jeff! Thank you so much for your warm and delightful feedback to Paper Heroes. We are glad to see you enjoying the game! Your kind words motivate the team to strive and push for a better game for players like you!

The game was really good before this update. It still is ok, but the update is hard to get used to. The game got too easy, and I’m gonna get carpal tunnel clicking the recruit button over and over. It used to be 30 for 1, now it’s 10 for 5 or something and it doesn’t recruit for more each click. It’s gotten laggy. It feels like I didn’t earn all of the stuff I got from the update. I’m really disappointed and I’m deleting the game because it is just not a fun experience anymore.

  • Hello Lyrik Lambert! We are sorry that you are having a unsatisfactory game experience after the update. We sent bonus rewards for all players to prepare for the story adjustments in the game update. Please email us your ID as well as your current story stage level so that we can assist you in transitioning into the new game version. Thank you!

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