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[Game] Concern – Armored Front

ConcernStrategic turn based game. Create battle mech squad! Join the offline and pvp robot war.

Experience an epic robot war in this strategic turn-based mobile game! As the manager of Concern, a mercenary organization with a formidable arsenal of giant combat robots, you must lead your squad into battle and emerge victorious.

In offline and PvP modes, you’ll face a variety of enemies and engage in intense battles where each turn counts. Your tactics will be crucial to achieving victory, so plan your attacks carefully and keep your enemies in your sights. Collect the most powerful mechs for every mission and equip them with the right weapons to test in real battles. The more you win, the more you can upgrade your combat arsenal!

But it’s not just about winning battles – your decisions as a leader also affect the success and reputation of Concern. Explore new adventures and rewards as you make choices that shape the direction of your organization. Will you convert enemies to your side and find allies to gain a numerical advantage, or will you rely solely on your own strength? The fate of Concern is in your hands!

Concern user reviews :

Admittedly I checked it out because I love my Mecha games. Very simply, this one does not disappoint. Very solid foundation with plenty of room still grow without being too much. As is, I would have been willing to give it a 5-star rating except for one glaring glitch… While it does tend to hang up sometimes during the mission select screen requiring restart, that’s not a deal breaker. However the fact of having a 100% hit chance that still frequently misses is. Otherwise great game.

Game is a great research tactical shooter. But I just recently (Sept 2nd), I came across a bug that automatically ends your robots turn when it has the Grenade Launcher attachment on. I had targets clearly in range, but on the other side of an obstacle. Additionally, if you destroy any gun on the Aki Double, is goes from 9 shots to 1 shot. I get that you decrease shots when losing a gun, but losing 8/9 shots doesn’t seem quite right.

What I have experienced so far is enjoyable and challenging enough to keep my interest, I’ve spent a few dollars in real money to speed up my progress a bit. it’s turn based play, but if you’re a fan of Mechs you will probably like Concern.

This game is based on old school, hex-grid games and I am loving it! The only issue is that I want more content! Bigger maps, more options, and more challenges. Very little story, but really enjoy the mechs, load-outs, and just enough options to suit my style of play.

this game have potential to be developed. Developer can add 1. Interesting political plot 2. Make various weapon like missile, melee weapon , laser that have level aptitude when used and shield 3. Make player can modify the color free and premium 4. PvE party 2-4 players versus AI Hope that suggestions help. thank you

intriguing game. I am still in the early stages and interested to find out if it will continue to grab my game time in later stages. story campaign super short. Once I have everything maxed out this game has nothing to offer. same missions over and over. it is a great game but seems like it is just not finished.

Duration of Play: 2 Days Pros: Option to disable enemy mechs by shooting off their weapons, grind for resources is fair, no iap exclusive content Cons: Frustrating hit chance RNG makes fights needlessly long (even with a 69-96% hit chance i miss most of my attacks even with the most “accurate” gun equipped), low mech/weapon variety Notes: Would be fun but i’d prefer more mech types instead of grades (higher grade=better stats) as in the end there’s only 3 mechs and imo the tank one is worst

Great little strategic game. Things feel balanced. One thing i personally dislike though is being unable to spend a turn to turn around. I can only either walk or shoot, or both. I’ve had a hard time quite a bit when i couldnt turn my mechs around so the enemy doesnt just crit my back. This is probably an intended gameplay mechanic, but regardless, i think it would be fair to make turning take an action.

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