Paradise Island – Build your own sunny island

[Game] Paradise Island

Paradise IslandBe warned: Paradise Island is very addictive, even if you’ve never played this kind of game before.

” Paradise Island ” is the game for all sun and sea lovers!

Tear yourself away from work and build your own sunny island!

Is it time to make your own business? Just have some practice! Rich tourists are just about getting to your warm beaches! Entertain them in casinos and entertainment centers, build hotels, restaurants and discos! Build your own empire of entertainment! Turn your island into best resort empire and learn to manage your own business.

Game tasks:

build all kinds of buildings on the Island;
improve your buildings, repair them and gain profit;
expand your property by buying new pieces of land and areas of sea;
create your Island with unique buildings and plants;
compete with your friends;
set up your tourism business;
build the city of your dream and turn your life into a happy story;
learn all tips of the game receive all possible rewards and win the Grand Prize!

Game features:

beautiful and detailed graphics;
extremely addictive and interesting gameplay;
life on your island goes on even when the game is closed;
there is a big choice of facilities and constructions, decorations and plants;
tycoon and simcity features;
more advanced, than a regular farm game;
more than 130 of awards and achievements;
Internet connection is recommended, but not necessary;
Ad Free.

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Paradise Island user reviews :

t’s crazy how much time I’ve spent playing this game. I gave 2 stars because it’s difficult to level up and gain rewards without spending real money. Also, the pop-up ads are getting to be ridiculous! All in all, its an all around fun game — once you get passed the poor server connection, as well as always accidentally tapping on ads and being redirected out of the app.

Four years ago my review was 5 stars. My mind has officially sadly changed. I’ve been playing for a very long time, at least 2014. I loved it. And here’s the problem with the game. There’s little support, they don’t reply on FB Messenger. You cannot transfer data if you reset or buy a new phone. Before you make ANY purchases just know, if you ever move or loose your phone it’s all gone. Game Insight, please support Legacy Editions of your games. Like PI2, make it to where you can load save data.

Awesome game but I have one issue, we can’t login by facebook as an error shows up that says in-game login is not safe or something. Please try to fix that. Also it’s hard to make friends because whenever we go the social list, we can’t visit anyone’s island it gives some connection issue error. Otherwise It’s my childhood game otherwise and it’s still amazing!

I remember this being on Gaiaonline over ten years ago, except I remember it having more features like pirates invadings and shark attacks, connecting with friends to help each other collect items for special buildings, and a lot more decorations. Also the decorations increased the value of surrounding buildings to increase more profit. To sum it up, it was a lot more fun.

I can connect to Facebook, but not Twitter. I’m unable to get my incentive for being connected to Facebook and I can’t post picture to Facebook to complete one of the challenges. I lost a friend because I can’t send gifts and I can’t gain any because there’s a glitch with the social media connection. Other than those issues, the game is good.

Need friends I like all islands…please add me Audiedi or use my friend code 35fc14 I play daily!! Cut down luxury palms for wood. I give lots of gifts and clean building’s. Donate $131000 for idol

Try it out! you Pretty adictive game and fun also!Add me”I am the one”and you will get a like and gifts :) Like back if you want and feel free to use my code d24958 for a bonus to get you started!

Excellent game Best game ever I play this game since last 2 year ans fully entertainment fully time pass out stading game in this worls my favourite game . And good desing by this gameing company

Great Great game need friends I play everyday I also gift:-) my code is 093a45.. game name is kandylynn07:-)

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