Path of Destiny – Everything you choose affects the world

[Game] Path of Destiny – Fantasy MMO

Path of DestinyOriental Fantasy Open World MMORPG is officially launched today! Get free diamonds and VIP gifts daily!

Path of Destiny is an fantasy open-world MMORPG with oriental style.

The game owns a massive map which is over 60,000 inch². Begins a thrilling journey in this Sword and magic world. Everything you choose affects the world and decides the world’s future.

Make a dent and create your own legend!

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Paint the fantastic world
An oriental fantastic new world that you can truly immerse in. Unlock the exclusive warlord to increase your power, and explore kinds of fantastic myths and legends. Come into Path of Destiny, and make your fantasy dream come true.

Massive Open World
Feast your eyes on the world around you, with a beautiful art style and excellent visual experience.
Lighting and weather all change naturally over time. The seasons, the weather and the vast world. Bringing every detail of this fantastic world to life.

Most enjoyable fighting
Freely combine your skills, and choose a weapon as you want. Also, a correct strategy is vital in a fight. That’s why a wise choice is essential. This intense fighting is waiting for you.

Be yourself
A lovely outfit system. Hundreds of fashion outfits and accessories. Dress how you want!
Not to mention the cutest pet, mounts, and wings. Thus, in Path of Destiny, Everybody is made unique!

Not only fight
Deity also needs rest. There is much funny gameplay besides the fight. Fishing, Hunting, cooking… And more little fun is here for you.

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Path of Destiny user reviews :

Game is pretty fun has huge variations for advancements . IF you have enough cp in game you can claim various events items to get even stronger . Feels great having pk system and ranking system for various stuff like weapons,pet,level,cp and other stuffs..all in all i want to say that i really enjoy this game

Beautiful graphics and music. Fantastic voice acting. Really easy to understand the game play even if you can’t speak the vocal language, because it has English translation. Awsome rewards so come play now or miss out on the fun!

Wish you could add more options for people that can’t recharge like a bound coin option for marriage I can never marry for the stats because I can’t recharge. So please add a option for a wedding pack using bound coin .Other then this matter the game is great

Awesome game I have been looking for over a year for a decent game. Tysm keep up the great game. Download it ppl. The only thing I suggest is changing the quiz in the event where you swim to English so we don’t have to just guess the answer. Ty

Absolutely love the game the way it moves to graphics and everything I have to offer and I’ve been playing on and off for a few hours now and Ashley that we love the game

I love the graphics, use to follow a long, so far this game is the best I’ve played in a long while.

The game is nice, the graphics is awesome, you can literally climb into the ranking without even going to top-up.

Cool game very easy to play and only needs small ammount of penny to make you on top. the downside thing only is it speaks not english.

Very nice gameplay, lots of different activities. Love the graphics.

Well the game is good the graphics are also beautiful but can you make the Hot spring Quiz in English.

Ilove this game , good graphics and Game play .. Keep it up . more Power Path of Destiny

The game is very fun to play and the graphics are good and I hope the game lasts longer

It is easy to play. I like how I level up so easily.

Very nice graphics, with lots of enjoyable events

Cool game & i love it ,its easy to understand the gameplay

A wonderful fantasy game, the amount of fashions are insane!!, love the game.

I really like this game, smooth and many rewards.

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