Slime Castle – Defeat waves of terrifying enemies

[Game] Slime Castle – Idle TD

Slime CastleThe bad humans are invading the mysterious forest!

The slime kingdoms in the forest are facing a tremendous crisis!

As a slime chosen by the Slime Sage, you can enhance your abilities through battles, collect legendary equipment, utilize powerful skills, defeat waves of terrifying enemies, and safeguard the peace of the forest.

Once you are defeated, come back stronger!

Slime Castle – Idle TD is a role-playing idle tower defense game.

Players could enjoy an excellent role development system, countless powerful weapons, and several impressive battle scenes.

Game Features
Auto-battle system with simple idle clicker gameplay. Enjoy a delightful time!
Many distinctive maps and different enemies with unique skills. Explore more secrets of this world!.
Flexible and diverse upgrade system. Build your exclusive fortress!
Collect mighty equipment and level up the adorable slimes. Experience an extraordinary adventure!
Abundant free rewards to claim. No need to worry about gold anymore!
Set battle strategy by combining fortress, equipments, and control enemies. Find the optimal methods to defeat your enemies!

Now let‘s start the epic idle adventure and embark on the path to become the greatest Slime Hero!

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Slime Castle user reviews :

I am loving this game, I really hope they don’t add too much more and make it overly complicated, which many games have done and ruined them by doing so. As it is, it’s simple, easy to understand, and very enjoyable. I’d like to see the slimes locked behind a paywall be available for gems, even if it’s a ridiculously high amount since they can be earned over time. The game is free to play, but if you can afford it, permanent AD Removal and Game Speed x5 are worth the cost.

  • Hello there! Thank you for rating the game with 5 stars! We will be keeping your feedback in mind as we work on future updates.

What a nice game. I suggest as an improvement, that when you have already passed a certain level, for example 30, you start again from 15, not for 1 (it could be an option), so the challenge of the game is maintained.

  • Hello, Danielys! We will be keeping your feedback in mind as we work on future updates. Thank you for rating Slime Castle with 5 stars!

I like it a fair bit, but the long load time in combination with the fact that 3/5 times you watch an ad it resets the game so you have to load back in and don’t even get your reward or it just straight up won’t give you a reward make me rate it lower 4 stars otherwise because it’s mundane and repetitive

It is a decent game and I appreciate that there isn’t forced ads, I tend to watch ads sometimes for in game rewards, yet quite frustrating to watch an ad and then not receive the promised reward. So crazy I get caught up on this, when my data is likely being sold and I don’t receive a penny of that either.

  • Thank you for your feedback and we will actively improve the game.

No annoying adds only by choice to earn coins. I didnt notice any bugs. This game have potential. Can you make a mode when you and your friend can cooperate and protect oir tower and can you make online mode?

Things are fine till about chapter 7 then the difficulty scales pretty high been stuck on 7 for about a week already and not a huge fan of the dragon quest 1k stones to unlock in the 2nd step is way to much since they don’t drop that frequent I’m afraid to see what’s after that

Great game, not enough depth. I’m fully aware the game is new. but 90% of my upgrades are already maxed out, I’m curious in which direction the devs will take the game

I want to give this game a try but in all the apps that I have played none of them had to have access to my Google account to play. So I’m good. I’m giving two stars cuz I never got to get into the gameplay so I don’t know what the game is actually like.

Very nice game with alot of potential. Looking forward to future content.

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