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Pathos Nethack Codex  Pathos is a roguelike adventure game inspired by the rule set from Nethack.

Choose from 13 classes and journey deep into the dungeon. Descend to hell to defeat your nemesis before escaping the dungeon with all the loot you can carry!





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Pathos Nethack Codex user reviews :

I actually can’t complain about this game. It’s frustrating and punishing, but never once did I think to myself it was the fault of the game itself. There are so many mechanics and builds to explore and learn, you truly get to experience the dungeon how you choose to play, with no cost at all. When you die, it’s as simple as making another character with different stats and seeing if that one solves your problem. It honestly reminds me of a classic roguelike game on Sega Genesis, but improved!

This is a great way to get into dungeon-crawler roguelikes, not having to memorize every single button in favor of simple touch controls. However, it is VERY frustrating and inconsistent when trying to guide multiple party members just one level down. Sometimes multiple people will go down with me, sometimes it’ll switch control to someone else, and other times just the character I’m controlling will go down, even when using the “Follow” and “Instruct” commands. Not a deal-breaker, but annoying.
  • Callan Hodgskin
  • Hello and thanks for playing :) When playing with multiple characters, you can use the INSTRUCT/FOLLOW option to toggle between using an automatic AI for your alternate characters or controlling each individual character manually. That is, when they are in INSTRUCT mode, you need to decide every action. Maybe leave them in the default follow mode?

Good game to try. So much content for a new player also a little annoying but fun, definitely you have to experience the game and explore the mechanics before you get to progress the game well. Immortality is one sure key to success. Definitely recommended for anyone who likes dungeon crawling with a little bit of challenge. Also good grinding for nice loots (effects are good but game is hard on descriptions)

Great game for roguelike fans. Its simple design, diverse races and classes + changeable art syle makes this game a must have. Only one problem- you cant interact with companions aside from the Mount, Share, and Equip buttons. I want to be able to pet the dog and every other companion.

Picked up some cursed levitating boots on the second floor of my first playthrough. Can’t reach items, can’t uncurse them (1k gold), can’t go down ladders. Thought the fountain might do something, nothing. So I guess, don’t equip anything you find unless you know you can access and pay to remove a curse.

Wow. Easily my favorite mobile rpg. Real depth, and tons of possibilities. It’s also not an easy game, and actually requires you to somewhat think, something which seems to be demanded less and less by games these days..

Great crawler Lowered review. There is a positive of more content in the underground, but there is not enough gear buffs. I am always running with only 1 or 2 equipment improvements, and there is so many things that make me drop, destroy, damage, that I end up playing with normal gear ( not fun)

Unbelievable depth for a mobile game, and excellent touchscreen controls to match. If you’re a fan of traditional turn-based roguelikes, you can’t go wrong with Pathos. Best of all, it’s a (regularly updated) labor of love on the creator’s part, so there are no connectivity requirements, ads, or in-app purchases, ever!

I’m leaving this review after having my best run in this game yet. My familiar died to i was like meh ill just get this witch to polymorph me into something and ill just go die. BOOM im now a level 32 ancient deep dragon! i start plowing through the floors until i stupidly eat something that turned me into stone. This is a fantastic game and i highly recommend it.

Basically an OD&D dungeon crawler, plus the chance to customize some funky stuff. Very well done. Don’t forget your can openers.

Probably the best implementation of a mobile Nethack-style rogue like on the play store. Perfect level of complexity and great controls fit for the smaller touch-screen of a smartphone. Free, no ads. I’d honestly drop $5 if there was an option to send it via the play store.

Quite an enjoyable Nethack experience that’s way simpler to grasp, I love the new ideas and mechanics it brings to the table, and it’s 100% free. I love it.

Just the right amount of complexity to keep you hooked, a very rare gem for mobile games indeed. The game offers much to experiment with and explore, lots of customization depth, semi destructible environment, magic and enemy’s galore. I play this game in most of my freetime when I get a chance.

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