Asteroid Run – Will you deliver your secret cargo

[Game] Asteroid Run – No Questions Asked

Asteroid Run  Captain! You have limited resources, a desperate crew, strange cargo and a company man is aboard to spy on you.

Will you deliver your secret cargo to the Asteroid Belt on time? You and your crew will get rich or die trying!

Asteroid Run: No Questions Asked is a 325,000-word interactive science-fiction novel by Fay Ikin, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Cargo runs between Earth, Mars and the Asteroid Belt are commonplace, but deadly. You’re the captain of a merchant vessel, but this time, your contract has a twist: don’t open the cargo, don’t get in the way of its handler, and don’t ask questions. Deliver to Vesta Station.

What kind of captain will you be? Will you get your hands dirty in the engine, be an aspiring scientist, or a master negotiator? Will you focus on the health of your crew or the state of your ship? Will you put your crew in danger to protect the mysterious cargo, or will you join forces with vicious anarchists to fight against corporate wealth and corruption?

Play as non-binary, female, or male, and find romance—asexual or otherwise—with people of all genders.
Discover your crew’s secrets, or secure their well-being: their lives are in your hands.
Abandon your position to join forces with the anarchists and their charismatic leader, and even turn double agent.
Balance your ship’s resources, delivering the cargo on time, and your influence with groups in the solar system.
Get rich being a bootlicker for the law-bringers or the megacorporations, or use their own corruption against them.

Whatever alliances you make, the Big Black is vast and unforgiving, and your corporate guest is watching for any mistakes. You’ve got six months to Vesta Station: make them count.

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Asteroid Run user reviews :

The plot and setting were both written beautifully, to the point where I could actually picture what I was reading. The stats page was also nicely done. Simple yet clearly explained. The characters were wonderful, even the bad ones. There are a few hiccups, though. I encountered repeated paragraphs twice, and a little error on the BB code, but they aren’t worth lowering the rating for. Overall, the game is definitely worth buying and replaying.

A very thorough and well thought out game with a lot of variation and choice! It had me on the edge of my seat really invested in my choices and the characters. I’m particularly impressed with the scope for getting to know (and romance) the characters – you can’t see it all in just one playthrough and the possible endings are quite different from one another. Lots of replay value! Or else just… do it once and have that be your main cannon. Also a totally legitimate approach. It’s just good.

Impressive! The writing isn’t the best but it works. The game difficulty is nicely balanced, not too punishing. The characters are all distinct and the romance options are appealing. The story travels through a wide variety of moods and atmospheres. Feels like The Expanse and Firefly. There are so many interesting choices with meaningful divergence that I’m looking forward to several replays.

well done! I had a lot of fun with this one. the characters are all really interesting on their own, there’s huge variability in dialogue and outcomes depending on your stats/prior interactions, and I especially love that while lots of interaction was stat-dependent, it doesn’t end up as a frantic attempt just to chase numbers and balance stats. I loved the choices, many of them felt like what I would have wanted to do. one of the best games out in the COG lineup!!!

This is one of the better games from this company. My main complaint was that at times I felt confused as to why certain actions were raising certain stats, which could be helped by either having detailed descriptions on the stats page for each attribute or just labeling what attribute each choice will affect. I wouldn’t recommend doing that for stats that aren’t binary, like crew loyalty, but for the main four it would help.

This isn’t a game on the level of the really big show stoppers like say, the Wayhaven Chronicles but it’s way better than people are giving it credit for. The first few chapters are slow but the story comes into its own at the mid way mark. The characters are pretty likeable too and all have a purpose. Worth the money if you’re into these types of games.

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