Penguin Evolution – The last frontier has finally been breached

[Game] Penguin Evolution – Idle Merge

Penguin EvolutionYou may have heard that winter was coming. So brace yourselves! No continent shall remain immune to the Evolution virus. The last frontier has finally been breached: Penguin Evolution is here!

After starring in several children movies and even learning how to tap dance, penguins finally found their place in the evolutionary chain. Combine penguins to evolve them and discover their most curious, exotic and bizarre forms!

And they are so cute you could die! No, seriously. They are, like, 4 feet tall sometimes. And have very sharp beaks. So… I don’t know… I… I wouldn’t get too close to one if I were you.

Drag and drop similar penguins to create new mysterious creatures

Different stages and many penguin species to discover
A mind-blowing story yet untold
The unexpected mix of creature evolution dynamics and incremental clicker games
Doodle-like illustrations
Various possible endings: find your destiny
No penguins were harmed in the making of this game, only developers

This game is cooler than a popsicle! Come play it.

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

Penguin Evolution user reviews :

Absolutely adorable. At first there was some lag, but it shortly went away. It’s fun, addicting, easy to play, and overall cute. It’s so fun to watch the little penguins become big whopper penguins, and all the different forms! To be able to recolor them and give them accessories is so fun. I would absolutely recommend this game, it’s an amazing time killer and overall a fun game to play. Cute art, barely any ads, and everything you could want in a evolution game.

This is a great app you should 100% DOWNLOAD! There are no other evolution games that are like Tapps. This game has great ideas, designs, and concepts for the characters. The music is great as well. Plus, there really aren’t a whole lot of adds just compared to most other mobile games. The hidden treasure feature is also quite fun.

This game is actually really fun. The penguins are all weird, that shows how the creators used their imaginations to invent new species of penguin that don’t exist. I like that. Merging the penguins means you don’t know what the next penguin you unlock will look like because they’re all a surprise. You can customise them too by colouring them and giving them hats. After a while, you can unlock a second world for even weirder penguins. This game is great, I absolutely love it!

A lot of adds, but if you buy the “no add” option, a good evolution game, nothing out of the ordinary… but what triggers me the most is that there is no option to turn off the evolution box animation!

It’s a fun game concept, with plenty of fun and creativity. The main issue are the ADS… oh gosh, there are so many ads. Wanna pull up the customisation tab? Ad! Wanna pull up the settings tab? Ad! Do you want to go to the Buy Penguin tab? Ad! When you get to the Alien stage, each ride to the planet and back will cost ya an ad break. Upgrade tab. Ad. Another thing that I noted was that my game would not respond when I tried to claim the Day 5 reward, and even after restart, nada, bit shady idk.

Yea it is cool but the problem is, force ads. As soon as I got on the game I turned off the WI-FI to ignore the ads. I WILL JUST DO THE UPGRADES LATER ITS NOT EVEN IMPORTANT! Well, it is

Love the game but recently annoyed that after watching ads, the hats aren’t what it is and hats cant be used after owning it. Otherwise it’s a perfect, cute idle game

I have downloaded this game because of my experience with the cat evolution, i love this game even though simple still fun to play. I also love how you can customize your penguin. Recommend to download.

I love all of the evolution games, I’ve been playing them since I was little and they’re so cute ! the penguin one is new (to me at least) and it’s very very delightful. 10/10 would recomend

Very fun and enjoyable clicker game would recomend but…. this animal clicker game has been recycled alot of times so if u want like a giraffe clicker game theres gonna be an exact copy of this one by the same creators and the devs know that and they make hokes about it which i find hilarious

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