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[Game] My Grumpy – Funny Virtual Pet

My GrumpyHave you ever thought about taking care of a marmot in your daily life?

Meet the grumpiest and funniest marmot you could ever meet! Have fun pranking Mister Grumpy, play funny games to annoy and disturb him, but don’t forget to take care of your marmot every day!

Your favorite marmot from Do Not Disturb, but now as My Grumpy! In this marmot game all you have to do is take good care of Mister Grumpy, playing funny games, dressing him in crazy and funny clothes, giving him spicy food to make him angry or even messing with all the decorations in his house. Also don’t forget to bathe him and show him how much you love him!

Marmot game
The marmot game is all about annoying and disturbing, but no more banging on doors and ignoring the do not disturb sign to annoy the marmot! In My Grumpy you will annoy Mister Grumpy for taking such good care of him!

Take care of Mister Grumpy daily, feed him, bathe and put him to sleep! But of course, wake him up in the funniest and most annoying way possible, he’ll hate it and tell you to go away! Also have fun remodeling your house and customizing his appearance, putting on hats, ties and many other accessories.

Meet Mister Grumpy:
Your grumpy neighbor, who hates to be disturbed and always has a do not disturb sign on his door to keep any annoying neighbors away, which makes him the perfect neighbor for you to play funny games, annoy and disturb at all times! You no longer need to knock several times until marmot tells you to go away, now you can annoy him by not bathing him or feeding him spicy food! Have you thought about how much he will love that?

Mister Grumpy will hate if you mess with his house, so feel free to mess with every room. He also hates to be dressed funny, so don’t forget to try on the craziest hats you can find.

Download the marmot game, My Grumpy. An idle clicker game that you can play easily and quickly, you just need to perform simple actions to earn your rewards! Stop knocking on doors and start taking care of your marmot, the funnyway.

This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extra items mentioned in the description can also be purchased for real money.

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My Grumpy user reviews :

I love this game it is so much fun I enjoy it it’s relaxing it helps with anxiety a and stress you should download tried it is fun too graphic is good it’s fun to play I just love Mir grumpy

Great idle game. I love this character, he’s wonderful and funny. Watching his different reactions is very fascinating. Have seen a few bugs here and there, but they always work themselves out. Ads are intense but they go away if you make *any* diamond purchase, which was handy for me, since I do Google Opinions, so I just used those credits.

This game doesn’t even work! It was playable until I played some mini games. Then it showed me a screen where Grumpy was standing on a tree stump labeled 1. I assumed that it was the level select, so I tapped on the stump behind Grumpy labeled 2. But nothing happened! I tapped everywhere. The time, wifi, and battery percentage also disappeared from my screen! I tried closing and reopening the app but it still showed me that screen. I turned my phone on and off and it did nothing! Pls fix

I don’t know what’s wrong but I can’t feed Mr. grumpy otherwise everything is nice

It’s is a cool concept. The only down side is that you have to have coins. It is extremely hard to get coins through the three games provided. You can pay actual money for coins but honestly, that is a waist of time. On the tree branch game, the developer can make it so that you can coins while going up. The bubble pop game could have hidden coins that the player could get. This game is trying to be like a my talking tom or angela but it fails in the getting coins category. 3/10

Fun Game! I Love His Amazing Deep Voice And Attitude! Also His App Icon Is Great!

The great nostalgic game. I give it 3 Stars because after I play a mini game, I will go to Level 4 but, didn’t happen. I am stuck in Level 3 and I can’t even remove that thing! Even restart or force stop!

This is a really great game, however the game lagged when I reached level seven. I tried to reopen it but it is still stuck so I had to delete it. But overall, this game is fun to play whenever you have free time or bored.

Its a good concept, an the grumpy character is funny. However this game is in dire need of more mini games too be able too get coins for food an stuff. Make more mini games plz, atm theres only 3.

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