Rise of Stars Re – Every galaxy is waiting for a great admiral

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Rise of Stars ReStart your great journey now!

Join the endless war to become the Chancellor that rules the unfathomable space!
In order to develop a new galaxy, admirals must explore resource planets, establish bases and vanquish threatening enemies.
They must also join other friendly admirals to form an alliance and conquer the Council which is the final destination.
Every galaxy is waiting for a great admiral that will write a new myth.

Game Introduction
A great 4x game that pans out in the vastness of space
Experience the great space war that pans out in the vastness of space that involves lifelike bases, space warships, and various captains in ‘Rise of Stars’.
Enjoy viewing diverse objects such as hovering drones and planets that can be seen from the base.

Base Development – The first step to becoming a great conqueror
Prepare for war by upgrading the various modules in your exclusive base.
Reinforce your troops by conducting research for resources, base defense, fleets, and defeating pirates.
Prepare for war by producing four types of powerful space fleets including Corvettes, Assault Ships, Defense Ships, and Freighters.

Rally Battle – Fight the enemy together
Obtain valuable rewards by defeating powerful foes such as Nocturns, Elite Pirates, and Deserted Factories.

Captain – An elite space agent with various abilities
The captain is a multi-talented executive who has various abilities including battle, mining, and development.
Aim to get powerful synergy by deploying captains with the right abilities for the situation.
Also, enjoy your victory with the ‘flagship’, which is a captain-exclusive ship.

Warship Carrier – A collection of super-scientific technologies
The warship carrier is the essence of super-scientific technologies. It is based on the robot genetic Cyrocore.
They provide buffs that strengthen your fleets and are a key player in battles.
Include warship carriers to defeat even stronger enemies or send them to resource planets to obtain lots of resources.

Dark Zone – 1:1 PVP in space
The Dark Zone is an arena to determine the strongest admiral in the server.
Try diverse combinations of warships, captains and warship carriers for victory and obtain various rewards.
Top Admirals will be granted access into the Dark Zone (Deep), and the server-level competition will get even fiercer.
Become the victor in the Dark Zone (Deep) and earn space-wide respect as well as precious rewards.

Council Conquest – Become the most powerful alliance in the server.
A strong bond is the only way to conquer space, so cooperate with your alliance members, win large-scale wars and rule space.
Capture planets that grant powerful buffs for your advantage and conquer the Council, the most powerful organization in the server.
Grow and cooperate with your alliance and join huge real-time wars.

ROS Official Channel
Check out the various events and development details at the official channel.
Brand Page: www.riseofstars.io/reverse
Official Facebook: www.facebook.com/RiseofStarsRE
Official Discord: discord.gg/rosreverse

Rise of Stars Re user reviews :

Really good game. The events got to me. Not enough time for me to keep playing. Sorry but on me not the game or company that made it. Deducted the one star because of the events. Overall worth trying. Didn’t need to spend money. That was great. You only need to spend if you want.

  • Greetings, Admiral. Enjoy the game and thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Thank you for your interest in the future! Thank you ※ This answer was automatically translated. thanks for understanding.

Great game with great potential. Although the items in store are very expensive, I enjoy the diversity in battle as it is of course a war game. One thing I do recommend or would be a great implementation is private chats to have discussions between alliances and higher ups within the guilds.

  • Hello Amiral, this is the ROS Re:Verse team. We will try to improve by forwarding your suggestions to the team in charge. We will always work hard and strive to provide more interesting content. If you have any feedback or suggestions related to the game, please feel free to contact us! We will always be with you, Then have a nice day today.

Another terrible pay to play strategy game. Almost everything about this game is pretty awful except some of the character art is nice. Don’t waste your time and deal with ridiculous pay walls.

  • We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. We keep making some improvement and contents for better game play experience. However it’s sad as it seems in some part we gave you disappointment instead. If you have any feedback to give us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Incredibly fun game. Innovative.

  • Greetings, Admiral. Thank you for taking the time to leave your valuable review. We will continue to do our best to provide enjoyable games. thank you

I just want to remind the people leaving such terrible reviews of a couple things. Don’t play this game for 2 minutes, misunderstand one thing, then instantly delete and come back to the play store to leave the same, worn out, false review, simply because your brain power isn’t quite what you thought. Also, the people who made this game, are something called a business. A business has one goal, I’ll leave it to you to figure that out. If you want better apps, leave well thought out reviews.

  • Greetings, Admiral. We admire your detailed clarification on regards to your support to our game. We cannot thank you enough for your 5-star rating. If you have questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us on our in-game Customer Support Center or email (rosreverse_cs[at]wemade.com)

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