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PeridotPeridot fulfills your fantasy of bonding with a magical, brag-worthy creature that can fly through the air, always wants to be by your side, and might have a secret love for turkey sandwiches.

With the power of AR, this pet simulation game places whimsical beings known as Peridots (“Dots” for short) in the real world with you. And with Peridot, playing with friends is better, simple as that. Meet up with your besties IRL to Hatch new Dots that will inherit the Traits of their parents, then snap a pic and share it with your friends!

ADOPT your very own Peridot, creatures that feel and look totally real. Each Dot has unique DNA which makes them a truly special companion made just for you.

NURTURE your creatures and help them live their best lives. Play fetch, teach them how to shake their butt, give them belly rubs, and dress them up in hats, mustaches, bowties, and more!

EXPLORE the world, get outside, and see the world in a new way through your Dot’s eyes. Your Dot is curious about the environment and might uncover hidden items depending on where you adventure with them. When your Dot is looking particularly adorable, snap photos and videos to share with your friends on social.

COLLABORATE with your friends and other players to breed your Dots together and Hatch entirely new Dots that are genetically unique. Discover together what’s possible and encounter endless possibilities of Peridot Archetypes that resemble some of your favorite animals, including cheetahs, unicorns, peacocks, and more. You can even combine and pass down these rare Traits to the future generations of Dots.

EXPAND your beloved family of Dots by unlocking badass Peridot Archetypes and Traits as you climb the ranks within the Peridot Keeper Society.

EXPERIENCE a rich narrative as you learn about the mysterious ancient past of these creatures and work to preserve the species for future generations.

Join this heartwarming journey today and rediscover just how beautiful the world around you truly is.

With the player’s permission, Adventure Sync uses your location to enable the player to earn walking distance when the app is closed.

Peridot is optimized for high-end smartphones, tablets are not supported. Device compatibility is not guaranteed and may be changed at any time. Supported device information can be found at:
Peridot is an AR-first experience and requires access to your smartphone’s camera while playing the game to interact with your creature in the real-world.
Continued use of GPS running in the background or camera access can dramatically reduce battery life.
It is recommended to play while connected to a network in order to obtain accurate location information.
Please visit for additional information.

Peridot user reviews :

Fun so far. The UI is a bit confusing, I’m constantly trying to find things, even after playing for several days. The AR element/dot placement doesn’t always work properly, I’m unable to draw circles on ground unless I suspend the game and open again, there doesn’t seem to be any calibration in game that could be used to fix this.

This is an AMAZING game! I LOVE The creatures and the ability to mix traits to create a new look, but the game causes my phone to overheat after spending less than a minute taking care of only one Dot. I have 15 and it’s impossible to get to them all. I really don’t want to stop playing, but I know over time this game will damage my battery forcing me to get a new phone! The creaters HAVE to find a way that we can care for our Dots without using the 3D. Then, I’d give 5 stars!!!

Would be nice if the dot’s color and graphics would blend in better with its surroundings and that its parts would be wholly visible consistently. Would be cool if it could recognize surfaces and disappear under the table but appear and walk on top than pass through it. Better if you could hatch a dot of a different species. Perhaps adopt a dot. Amazing if dots can meet when in same location. Interact with other dots in-game. And that all your dots would be active instead of swapping.

Initially I was very excited. The vibe is great, the dots are cute. You grow them through ar interactions, which was cool. The breeding was the exciting part, but the only way to do it is to pay. Not worth 5 dollars per dot, especially if you want any of the archetypes. It’s too bad, this game would be ideal if it didn’t require a per dot transaction. EDIT: They’ve recently updated the game and you can get up to two free nests per month. Slow breeding, but fun and good when Im walking the cats.

  • Thank you for your feedback. We’re introducing additional opportunities to earn Nests in-game starting in early August. We hope you give it another try.

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