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T-Mobile Visual VoicemailT-Mobile Visual Voicemail : T-Mobile Voicemail just got better!

T-Mobile Visual Voicemail : With Visual Voicemail you can now listen to messages in any order, respond in one click and easily manage your inbox without ever dialing into your voicemail. No need to change your T-Mobile voicemail number or to reconfigure your voicemail forwarding. It activates for free at first launch.
Now you can also upgrade Voicemail to text for a small monthly fee and receive all your voicemails transcribed into text directly in the application inbox. Please note that this version is not compatible with versions older than v1.2.31: if you install and launch this current version when an incompatible version is present on your device, the old version will be launched instead.

T-Mobile Visual Voicemail user reviews :

Perfect for those who dont like to sit n listen and wait to decide to save/delete.written in txt each missed vm, u can read if wntd listen and erase right there in txt. Rather thn goin thru each vm sent startin from old vm to newest. Minus star cuz sum dont make it thru often cuz no undrstd of ppl on vm.&sum wrds different thn spoken but still undrstd&if not play msg from vvm screen.big plus for me. Thanks :-)

Can anyone explain to me why I keep getting Tele market calls or message on my Cell Phone and now my own cell career is shoving Ads on its own app??!!! T-Mobile are you not getting enough money from us that you have to make more to meet the ends by putting stupid retarded ads on your app??!! what js wrong with you guys ?? I’m not paying you $90 a month to get ads !

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