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[Game] Pet Rescue Empire Tycoon

Pet Rescue Empire TycoonWould you be able to run your own pet sanctuary and succeed in your veterinary hospital?

Show your passion for animals and take care of them! Expand your premises to welcome as many animals as possible. Cure different animals (both domestic and wild) and upgrade your vet offices to get the best materials and the most advanced technology. Diagnose and treat your furry friends and reinvest your profits in your business.

Trace your growth strategy and open a rescue center, new veterinary consultations, or rehabilitation area for injured patients.


Improve your experience treating different kinds of animals. Gain prestige among pet owners nearby and expand your list of customers. Don’t forget to buy new medical equipment, build operating rooms, X-ray machines, etc. Every effort is worth it to cure as many animals as possible!


Host abandoned and lost animals in your sanctuary and provide them with a healthy and happy life until you can put them up for adoption and find families eager to take home a cute new friend. Take care of kittens, doggies, little birds, and all other animals that may need your attention. Help adult dogs and cats that deserve a second opportunity! In short… Make your community happy!


Offer complete assistance, not only with your veterinary hospital, but with other important departments like the rehabilitation center, pet grooming and training area, and the outdoors pet leisure area so they can recover from their conditions faster.


Find and manage the best possible work teams in all your departments. Run a competent pet rescue center by making the right decisions. Hire vets, veterinary technicians and nurses, receptionists, and volunteers. Take up the great challenge and make it work!

If you like management and idle games, you will enjoy Pet Rescue Tycoon! A casual, easy-to-play game where strategic decisions must be made to manage a veterinary clinic with profitable results. Improve your empire, starting from a modest medical clinic, and unlock visible progress in your premises. Transform your small business into the best vet center!

Main Features:

Casual and strategic gameplay for every player
New pet rescue and adoption system
More detailed management system
Dozens of items to be unlocked and upgraded
Lots of characters and interactions

Pet Rescue Empire Tycoon user reviews :

The game is cute and i love the concept. However, this one is pretty unpolished (quite a few translation errors) and I’m really not a fan of the recent trend of these “wait 8 hours to upgrade and you can only upgrade 1 thing at a time” trends with you guys. If everything else is upgraded (often is) its just “you cant play til tomorrow”. I’ve been playing all your games since supermarket tycoon but they’ve been getting worse and worse each time. It’s pretty sad.

  • Hi, Thanks for contacting us. Please write to us through the in-game support chat so we could check your player’s history. Tap on the in-game settings button and then open a FAQ that could help you in the game. On the bottom of the screen, press “NO” and then “Contact us”. Don’t forget to explain your case. Best

I’ve never been big on the tycoon games, but I absolutely love this game. I can literally play it all day. I’m addicted. I will say, the cat to dog rescue ratio is definitely more dog than cat and I hate having to wait so long to be able to rescue more pets. Also, I think there should be more than 1 builder. At minimal two, but otherwise. I love this game. I did notice in the bathing section that the water temp upgrade hadn’t been named yet, so might wanna fix that, but otherwise, I LOVE IT!!

i really love the games made by this company. they’re always super fun and cute. this one is no different but the construction and research times are so annoying. i would understand if you gave us at least two builders but we only have one and so you spend more time waiting for upgrades than actually playing. it’s super disappointing.

  • Hi, We appreciate your rating! We’ll keep up the hard work to give you the best possible experience in our games. If you want to share further feedback for future updates or report a technical issue, please contact us through the in-game support chat. Best

wonderful graphics….very cute game and idea especially if you are an animal person. Extremely ad driven…..not only 30 second adds but several take over minute…..I understand that’s not alot of time but when it happens after every move it becomes annoying as you spend more time watching ads than actually playing. I understand ads are important to the developers but sometimes it’s extremely excessive and absolutely kills the game play and fun.

  • Hi, Thanks for your feedback. Did you consider watching those ads which fit your growth strategy? You are not forced to watch ads all the time, but at some moments it could help. That is why they are offered regularly. As they never pop out during the game, you could change your playing experience by yourself. Best

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