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Petdise TycoonPetdise – A one-stop service center; a paradise for pets!

Can you successfully run your own pet center?

Expand your pet center to serve more clients:
Add more functions to the center to meet clients’ needs. Upgrade offices and manage employees to provide better service! Earn money, update technologies and certificates, and build an empire of pet service.

Befriend your clients and develop your reputation:
By participating in their stories you will create memories together. Special gifts are waiting for you!

Regular seasonal events:
Upgrade the laboratory, purchase cutting-edge devices, and help the doctor study special pets. A professional pet service provider, a real tycoon!

If you like management, simulator, and idle games, don’t miss Petdise Tycoon! This is a casual, easy game. By making strategic decisions, you will successfully manage a pet center and achieve profitable results. Start with an ordinary pet grooming salon to build the best pet service empire!

Expand your pet center:
In addition to the pet hospital, other important departments such as pet supplies stores, pet clinics, pet grooming salons, pet training areas, and pet boarding areas will be built to provide comprehensive services.

Manage your employees:

Who would you like to hire? You are the boss. Assign them wisely to improve efficiency and profits. Employees can be trained to gain advantages.

Upgrade your pet center:

Upgrade offices to create a comfortable environment for working. Then you can hire employees who demand lower salaries and increase the patience of clients. That’s what a tycoon does!

Provide VIP appointment service:

Make appointments and let your clients enjoy VIP services in your empire! Earn more profits and get more advice. Maybe a loyal client as well?

Be friend with pet owners:

Give more advice (not only on pet keeping, perhaps?) to pet owners through online chat. Help them rescue street animals and give these poor kids shelter. Get involved in their stories because they are not only your clients but also your friends!

Upgrade your technology tree:

Study how to better improve pet-related services and build a real pet service empire!


Fresh colors
Tons of characters and warm stories
Lots of room to expand
The perfect combination of idle and management simulator
Souvenir system
More space to run business

Petdise Tycoon user reviews :

Great game, has potential, but there are quite some bugs, such as appointed customers are stuck whenever their progress is finished, and you will have to reset the game so that it can go home, then the events menu, when you claim either free or premium rewards the screen controller freeze but the game still continues, the Y axis movement doesn’t work after claiming reward.

I love this game! I like all the different aspects, with the training center and groom room for the animals. really enjoyable to play!

I don’t like the “reduce salary” “improvement”. It’s not how it should be done to improve an employee’s work. Also I’m noticing some dialogues look like bad translation.

Nice concept, but I’m not too far into it and am finding myself checking in for maybe a minute: upgrade one building, research one thing, and then there’s nothing else to do while waiting for next upgrades. It’s not uncommon in idle games like this, something as simple as providing a free 2nd builder, could make a little difference. Not sure if it’s a pacing thing, or just not enough to do, but for now, I’m sticking with games I can play, rather than just look at for minutes.

I love this game, especially because I’m an animal lover. It’s a game with a great concept, cute graphics, and fun to play. BUT, why do room/crew upgrades have to use gems, I mean gems are quite hard to get or take a long time, why not just use money at a higher price than small upgrades?

Great game – would be 5 stars, but a little frustrating. You can’t level everything up to maximum without spending real money as the vault isn’t big enough to have enough money.

So far I’ve gained 74 stars and haven’t encountered a paywall. I like the graphics, the progress is stable, you can earn gems, too. But I have encountered a bug. When I start the game after some inactivity, there’s an option to save the money surplus that doesn’t fit into the vault and claim later. Great, but every time I use this option and then watch an ad for something else, the game treats it as leaving the game entirely and resets my saved amount to 0! Pretty unnerving.

Great game and the text stories are the best which made the game more interesting and fun. However, I noticed that in the boarding section, pets who are placed on the first 2 cages are usually the only ones being replaced and it’s not their owners who retrieve them. I’ll change my rating to 5 stars if u fix this and have their owners take them so that pets in the middle cages are not just stuck there like forever.

I really liked this one. Little by little you grow into a Vet’s office/Store/Grooming/ pharmacy. You hire employees and you place them based on their skill. You can try to receive more skills for employees, however, it’s a gamble. There’s no guarantee it’ll be the skill you want. It’s frustrating. I have maxed everything and I’ll still seeing complaints from the customers about lack of seats and wait times. Hopefully they’ll be an update soon

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