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[Game] Phantom Blade Executioners

Phantom Blade ExecutionersPhantom Blade: Executioners is a fast-paced action game set in the Phantom World, an original world conceptualized by S-GAME.
It features a rich storyline of kungfu adventures, where you dive into a conspiracy that threatens to topple the world, cut down kungfu masters who have succumbed to insanity, and find out the mastermind following a series of seemingly independent incidents.

Exhilarating, fast combat

Phantom Blade: Executioners celebrates the thrill of kungfu combat with the sheer pace of it. Just like in a good kungfu movie, you will often find yourself facing multiple opponents who just wouldn’t give a break. Dodge, parry, leap out of harm’s way, create an opening to deliver a torrent of lethal blows. Build up an expansive arsenal of kungfu moves and choreograph them into sequences that perfectly fit your own play style with the Combo Chain system, which is introduced to cut the need for excessive button-smashing or memorizing super long move lists. Explore and find your own niche!

Oriental art in modern glory

The stylish visual art of Phantom Blade: Executioners is based on Chinese traditional painting, augmented with modern sharpness and elements of fantasy. “Kungfupunk” is the name we coined for this approach, not unlike steampunk and cyberpunk. All combat animations are carefully crafted by prestigious studios under the leadership of Michael CTY, who had been the art director of Demon’s Souls and the first two titles in the Dark Souls trilogy before joining us to work on Phantom Blade: Executioners.

Engaging Wuxia storyline

The world is falling apart as kungfu masters, one by one, gain enormous power overnight and somehow turn insane in the process. As you investigate, these seemingly independent cases appear to have a pattern. The clock is ticking. Take down the insane ones before any further damage is done, and stop the spreading of body-engineering technique known as Sha-Chi Mod!
Experience an authentic Chinese Wuxia story full of suspense told in episodes and branching side quests.

Phantom Blade Executioners user reviews :

This is a great game, the visual effects, the background music is so compatible in game. the only issue is whenever I start and load the game, the front main screen is black. and when it comes to gameplay and even in homepage, it causes a lot of lag even though i have fast internet connection and higher version of device. hoping they’ll fix this as soon as possible and then I’ll change it to 5 star.

The graphics are great. Everything is great but the disconnection is too much also I have to download sudden patches of data, the data needed is huge but the cut off point is the amount of data needed to play just too much in a few minutes I burned through around 2 gb just by doing basic set ups. It’s still a great game though. If you remove those issues I think 5star even a 6star is okay with me

Downloaded this by chance after seeing an ad on Instagram. Very fun game, but 4 stars for now because there’s some serious lag issues. Also very difficult to play master level stages because the game will freeze before I can finish the level. Also cannot progress the story because it stays stuck on the loading screen. Will give 5 stars when it’s fixed.

I guess it’s a great game but the most annoying thing is that the connection problem and your server… Like my internet connection is pretty fast and can load other games and apps that requires internet like nothing and this game always pops out the “Connect failed” type of thing and it’s annoying. Hope the devs fix this and more improvement to come. Overall, it’s a fun game

This game is fantastic, I’ve been playing for a few hours and love the art style, the story and animations are also really well done. My one thing is the characters animation when moving, it looks very funny and throws off the more serious nature of the game, not the double tap sprint, I just mean when moving…it’s like he’s running in place, his legs move faster than he is moving or something lol please please change this animation and then it’s a 6 star game 100%. Still a 5 star game though

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