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METRIAThe starlight is our hope.

METRIA, a 3D action RPG where hope and sin collide, is packed with an original story unfolding in a classic fantasy world, an exciting battle system with flashy actions and animations, as well as intriguing elements that trigger your desire to explore.

A Classic Fantasy Journey Across 9 Countries with Unique Characters
You will be controlling unique characters including the apprentice knight “Rio Calquinos”, the demi-human girl “Aru”, the Astra knight “Lucas Nizam”, and etc. to explore “Ronatis”, the continent where the story takes place. You will have to defeat formidable enemies that get in your way and aim to discover the truth about the world.

You woke up to find yourself standing on an unknown land.
Through various meetings and farewells,
you will find the hidden truth of this world.

Fun Battle with a Team of 3! It Gets More Exciting with Flashy Effects and Animatios! –
“The occasional battles during the story are real-time action battles fought with a team of 3.
Experience speedy combats while using various actions such as dodge, jump, and skills.”
Each character possesses powerful unique skills (special moves) with flashy animations that add more excitement to the battle!

Felling trees, mining ores, and many more things to explore and craft to make your journey colorful! –
There are many activities you can do such as felling trees, mining ores, fishing, picking plants, and many more things that make you wanna stop by and explore!
You can create various items and gear by taking the materials you have collected to the base.

Recommended System Requirements –
OS: Android 12 or higher
RAM: 4GB or more
Connection: Wi-Fi

Due to the large data volume of the content, downloading over Wi-Fi is recommended.

Official X (formerly Twitter)
We will be sharing updates and new info about the game!

METRIA user reviews:

This game isn’t bad. I enjoy the cutscenes. The battle system could use some work, but my main problem is the audio and sound effects. The game feels boring without exciting sound effects. There are a few like BGM and foot steps, but it just feels off I would be complaining about voice audio, but that’d be a major stretch. I love the game. Keep working it has the potential to be a fun time spending game.

I like the graphics + there’s quite a bunch of places to explore. There’s a lot of story parts as well. Sometimes I feel like the buttons are a lot\seem messy with the skills, jump, target and gather,and with how many pinned places there are to visit, that’s probably me tho and they’re all really good to use anw. If you like the graphics and story games that let you fight cute monsters and gather stuff etc,you’ll probably like the game. Haven’t rly found any major issue, just personal preference

So after the maintenance that just happened, the game is completely unresponsive. When it tells u to tap to start? It doesn’t work. So I uninstalled and reinstalled and I regret it because now I have to start ALL over from the beginning. It was working again but then when I exit the game and came back? Unresponsive again…..all because of the maintenance that this happened….and now having to start over sucks. It was working fine last night and now completely unresponsive.

This is not a bad game. But they could use better mobile game tester i guess. They even didn’t have a simple feature like double tap to reset camera, and the switch character feature can’t switch to specify chara. I think they must find funds to hire voice actor. Story and graphic are fine, but need good BGM per maps, combat system feel a bit clunky, Overall control not too bad but it could be more

The core game is already set, but I agree the game still need a LOAD of things to add and fix. The character battle motion is pretty clunky. The idea for the move is ok, but the execution of the animation is too rough. Perhaps the user interface could allow the player to tweak it themself? There’s lack of information, like background info about the character in menu and proper information about the gacha. Maintain community between players and dev could help expand the game to be known more.

The gameplay is awesome, but the draw rates are just killing me. I’m so sick of drawing and not getting high tier pulls, all this wasted money. If you’re going to play, definitely do the reroll trick, that may be the only way you end up with an extra top tier unit. Also, I can’t stand that there are level gates to draw out the gameplay, because there isn’t enough total content. The games this is copying are so content heavy, you never have to stop to grind out multiple levels like you do here.

I love this game, but my only gripe is that there are some connectivity issues that result in the game freezing. Edit: The map is hard to navigate, crafting is a bit confusing, quest objectives are hard to find, and the enemies spawn way too quickly. Edit#2: Cannot link to Google without getting an error message. Meaning that if you have to switch phones for some reason, you have to start over on another Android device.

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