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[Game] Phantom Rose Scarlet

Phantom Rose Scarlet  Fight and collect powerful cards as Reina, a maid exploring a mansion ravaged by evil creatures.

A Roguelike Card Adventure
Phantom Rose is an indie game by solo developer & artist makaroll. Build your card deck and make careful decisions while you explore as each death may be permanent.

Defeat and Collect
Collect over 100+ cards and powerful items by defeating phantoms & rescuing other maids in distress

Manage Your Deck
There’s no luck-based card draw during battle. Instead, manage your card’s cooldown to defeat your foe swiftly and efficiently.

Explore Through Dangers
Venture through areas of interest, danger, and place of safety to reach and defeat the crown phantoms for large rewards

日本語 (Japanese)
한국어 (Korean)

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Phantom Rose Scarlet user reviews :

Honestly, one of the best mobile games I’ve played. Requires strategy, but if you fail. You can watch an ad to revive at least once (havent died more than once yet to know if you get more revives.) Visuals are nice. Art style is unique. Combat is unique as well. I can’t recommend this game enough. It’s also easy to get gems to buy things. You can watch an ad every 3-4 hours to get 100 gems.

This game was just amazing to play, the combat system was really enjoyable and the variaty of cards to choose from is also really nice to collect. Overall, I really enjoyed playing this game. Edit: I have beaten all of the diamond challenger levels at the current moment, 1-9. Honestly, it wasn’t too hard to do as long as you know what you are doing and have a bit of good rng. I like how the game makes you play more aggresively unlike how I used to play it, slow and safe. Pretty good game.

Gosh… what a beautiful game. Seriously, I haven’t been this amazed by a game’s art in a long, long time, and with such a gorgeous soundtrack too? In every sense of the word, this game is beautiful. With sich an intriguing story, amazing character design, easy to learn combat style, challenging and engaging battles, it’s no wonder I love it so much. Seriously, if you’re on the fence about downloading this: just do it. It’s worth it.

There are so many games that follow the same patterns and same styles and just change a few things, all in order to get your real money. Every once in awhile a game comes along that I wind up keeping, a game that is fresh and unique, one that doesn’t demand my money in order to keep playing, one that is a lot of fun. Those games are rare and this is one of them! It’s challenging but fun, looks fantastic, is not P2W and is totally unique. Prepare for many ripoffs, but stick with the original!

This is a very enjoyable game. The description is accurate, a roguelike card game. The mechanics are simple enough to learn quickly but like all great games once you learn the basics you can start to learn and develop combination strategies. The game is extremely enjoyable. But when you consider that the development team in a single person then the game takes on a special status.

The art style is very nice, but didn’t enjoy the gameplay so much. The roguelike element felt a little bland. All the upgrades were just stat boosts (i.e. your attack now does 12 damage instead of 10). Audio felt a bit hollow. Some more meaty attack sounds, voice acting, and ambient SFX would go a long way.

Definitely an interesting roguelike card game. Card combat system is different as it is “turn” based and works in phases. You really need to strategize card order to ensure victory. Great soundtrack and really pretty artwork! Only gripe is initial deck size. Really have to consider what to take each time you cap out.

This game is amazing! The art style, game mechanics, and music all make for a game that I find really captivating. There are also very interesting challenges and risks I’ve not really seen done before. Prime example: every move you make, you can’t take back without paying a very small fee in rubies. This game is simple, yet paying attention is of utmost importance. The buffs/debuffs and status effects are also pretty unique. There are also no attempt limits, so play to your heart’s content.

This game is actually really good. I like the strategy based gameplay, and how diverse the levels and monsters/ demons are. I do wish there was more Reina skins, but after this it’s an all out good game. I would also like to add that there is sometimes a bug when I start some battles. Whenever I enter into a fight, I am not able to place cards, and I have to close the game then go back in. Great game 10/10 would recommend to others.

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