Tetramon Monster Battles TCG – Become the ultimate monster master

[Game] Tetramon Monster Battles TCG

Tetramon Monster Battles TCG   Outsmart your opponent with your Tetramons team in this 8vs8 competitive card monster battle game. Collect card monster Tetramon, create your own monster squad and battle monster masters globally!

Tetramon Duel Master is a pvp multiplayer turn-based strategy card monster collection game where you train your own monsters squad and battle with other monster master worldwide. Upgrade and discover new monster card, collect monsters card, fight in competitive monster battles, train monster squad and become the ultimate monster master. Start your monster battle journey now to become the true monster master!

Play pvp turn based rpg strategy battles with your team of 8 monsters. Explore monster powers and show that you can be a great monster master. Make great tactical decisions in the monster battles. Pick between various monster attacks such as the Venom Strike, Power Drip, Poison Attack and choose the monsters with the best attack. By winning tamer battles you can grow monster squad that will be feared in the monster world and become the ultimate monster master. So try to win as many monster battle and constantly grow your monster team.

Take your team to the next level by increasing monster level and evolution. Collect monsters card, unlock new monster cards, and upgrade their special abilities to fit your best card monsters squad. Discover and collect new monster evolution so you can become the true monster master.

Win battles in competitive monster rpg games to get rewards and further upgrade and evolve monsters to final form and become competitive monster legend!

Tetramon Duel Master takes you on variety of stunning battle arenas where the monster master duel are taking place. Defeat your enemies monster team and become the monster master of the arena. Feel the thrill and show that you are the best competitive monster trainer.

Battle with 8 monsters
Unlock new monsters
Collect monsters and upgrade monsters
Level up and earn reward
Compete in tamer battle arena
Create your competitive monster legend team
Strategy monster rpg battles

If you are looking for new multiplayer strategy with competitive monster battles, Tetramon Duel Master is a must-try.

Play this competitive turn based monster rpg battle game NOW for FREE!

PLEASE NOTE! Tetramon Duel Master EX : Monster Battle Strategy is free to download and play, however, some in-game items can be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.

Internet connection is required to play this game.

Privacy Policy: opneon.com/privacy-policy/
Support: opneongame[at]gmail.com
Website:  www.opneon.com
Discord:  discord.gg/2YaaUZzrRY

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Tetramon Monster Battles TCG user reviews :

Great fun game if you enjoy strategy games it can be simple and complex in a very interactive way. I am enjoying the game immensly. I had a problem and it wasnt loading up and the devs fixed it fairly quickly so thats definently a plus… I just found a glitch. I came across another visual glitch and have sent the screenshots to the email provided. It involves my trophies and feel it might be fairly important.
  • Sia Ding Shen
  • Hi there, sorry for the issue, I think it’s a visual glitch. Please send the screenshot to opneongame[at]gmail.com. Thanks for reporting!
Nice game Just one problem the chest didn’t open sometimes,it takes double the time to open There is definitely some problems with the chest opening system Hope u will fix it ASAP otherwise good game
  • Sia Ding Shen
  • Will look into the bug, thanks for reporting!

A lot of fun just instead of getting new cards just let the monsters evolve

Please play this game it’s pretty fun to do you can get so many pets and be the master of this game

I haven’t seen this battle system in years and it’s an old favourite, thanks for the fun game!
  • Sia Ding Shen
  • Thanks, glad you like it!

It is a cool game you get to battle with friends and more so you guys should play this game

This game is good,I would very recommend it Download it and play it You wont be disappointed Just download it

This is very good unique mechanics and team making I give this 5 stars and yes I’ve been looking forward to this game I hope you make alot of features in the game but overall its great
  • Sia Ding Shen
  • Thank you!
So far so good. Unique battle features/ mechanics. Hoping it will have a guild feature of some sort.
  • Sia Ding Shen
  • Thank you!
Awesome game! You can collect monsters like Pokemon and battle other players! Keep updating new content
  • Sia Ding Shen
  • Thank you!

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