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PhotoCirclePhotoCircle is the ultimate photo-sharing app for both individuals and businesses.

With PhotoCircle, you can easily create private albums to share photos with your family, friends, and colleagues, all in one place. With millions of photos and videos being shared every week, PhotoCircle has rapidly become the trusted photo-sharing app for its ease of use and focus on privacy.

PhotoCircle provides a fun and secure way to share photos with loved ones. You can create circle albums for family events, trips, or just everyday moments. Capturing moments and bonding with friends has never been easier.

For businesses, PhotoCircle allows teams to collaborate on projects more efficiently, showcase their products in a more engaging way, and build stronger relationships with their customers. With our white-labeling feature, your brand will shine through every interaction. PhotoCircle is the perfect tool for businesses of all sizes.

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PhotoCircle user reviews :

My child is on a class trip. I love being able to get photos, and short videos immediately, to experience the same things in real time. It’s great that so many kids, teachers, and others who are part of our circle can add photos,likes, or comments. Sure beats my 8th grade trip memories!

Terrific using samsung galaxy A71 5G First time user by invite. So happy to see my great photos taken at my son’s recent wedding. Love how easy it is to identify the album’s members, too. Writing and editing my captions a great feature.

the ads ughhhh!! Also some albums do not offer the option to select a cover photo, and rearranging photos dies not always happen seamlessly. can you offer a one time upgrade fee to remove ads? my while family would subscribe.

  • We are sorry for this, but to continue work on this free app we need revenue. If you don’t want to see the ads you can purchase a PhotoCircle+ subscription for only 99 cents per month. As there are ongoing monthly costs for storing your photos, a one-time fee is not enough to cover those long-term costs. Only Moderators can set cover photos.

So far it’s been good for a basic photo album but doesn’t seem to add a huge amount else. I’d suggest adding the ability to tag members of your circle in photos and easier “sort by” options.

Absolutely love this app and the team behind it I had someone delete some very special photos I had of my 1 year old in one of the albums I had as this person wanted to be petty. I had thought I’d lost all these memories that I would never get back. Thankfully after explaining my situation to the photocircle team they were able to retrieve my special photos. Honestly I highly recommend this app and while it still exists ill continue to use it. Once again thank you so much photocircle

love this app! it has been used in my family for many years (since 2015), allowing us to share and save photos from vacations, special events, births, parties etc., and across many different types of phones. highly recommend!

Great system to share photos with Friends and Family outside of social media.

It’s a great app. My only complaint is that the person who creates the album should control whether that album has ad’s attached to it on all devices.

I like the fact that you can share albums with others but the photos upload out of order. I wish I could rearrange them back to the correct order. I like that a link is cteated but I wish it were more private. It should be mandatory for all viewers to cteate a profile to view the album. That way, whoever creates the album will know when/if anyone else is viewing or has accessed the photos. I also wish the video permitted more than 10 seconds.

This app is really good. The quality is there and it’s pretty easy to navigate. There’s a couple settings for comments, giving /recieving. The downfall for me is (I’m pretty sure) only the provider of the pics/video can delete the material. So im storing 400+ baby pics. Alot which aren’t so good. I don’t know what the storage capacity is but she’s not even 2!!! Oh well, I guess I’ll find out.

The downsides are that uploads don’t necessarily upload in the order you select, so sometimes things are out of order. And of course videos are only 10 seconds long, but, considering the app is free, it’s really not a big deal. I tend to upload like 20 pictures at once though, and it sends a notification for EACH upload. So that’s 20 alerts going to peoples phones at once unless they turn off all notifications. There’s really no in-between, and that’s kind of silly.

  • Thank you for the feedback and the support. We’re in the process of addressing all of these items. Longer videos are coming soon. Photo ordering is also in the pipeline for later this year. We recently changed push notifications to be less obnoxious when large batches are uploaded.

Up and running in 2 minutes, clips longer videos, it loads more of the shorter videos. Upload is very fast, I’ve shared pics through links, and SMS everyone was able to view all the photos and videos seamlessly. I’ve noticed it only shows one user but I’ve had 10-15 people view and they don’t actually join just view, I’m thinking that’s why. It’s been the easiest app to use for the person trying to share to family and friends. Highly recommend this app.

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