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Picsart AnimatorWhat is Picsart Animator?

It’s an animation creator and cartoon maker that’s simple to use and delivers maximum functionality. Make cartoon videos, animated GIFs, and funny doodles in a few simple steps — no advanced skills required! Just doodle, have fun, and amaze your friends.

If you’re looking for something a little more advanced, we’ve got you covered! PicsArt Animator is jam-packed with animation features like duplicate frames, layers, fully equipped drawing tools, animated stickers, Emoji Me features, and much more! Did we mention that all of these tools are FREE? Believe us, this is the only animation and cartoon-making app you’ll ever need! All you have to do is download and start creating.


Use animated stickers and add customized movement
Draw frame-by-frame animations
Use animation timeline to scroll through frames
Duplicate, insert, delete frames
Draw on your photos and make animated selfies
Draw with advanced drawing and sketching tools
Use multiple layers for complex animations
Control animation length and speed
Save animations as a video or a GIF and share to social networks like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram
Record sounds and voiceovers for your animations
Make your own personal emojis with Emoji Me feature

Picsart Animator is 100% free and without ads!

Picsart Animator user reviews :

I think the scene setup is a little bit backwards but other then that id say that this app is very usable and easily one of the best finger creator studios ever. Though I would like to see a dedicated copy and paste without the use of the selection process. When using the other copy/paste feature it only copies the tracing line forcing you to redraw the frame rather than edit the pasted frame. Thanks!! Have not had a single advertisement at this point and I’ve been using for 6 hours.

This app is pretty great. It has ability to make sticket animation without any complications, but the ability to make a sticker would be fantastic. But it would also be awesome to adjust the in out control so that it would be easier to draw. It should also add some stickers that don’t move (food, clothes, etc.) But overall, awesome app. I think it is the best app for animation. I would also like to be able to create backrounds.

I like this app, really fun to use! But I really wish there’s a feature where you can add an audio file from your phone and animate along the audio, and also a feature where we can make our own stickers (unless im just unaware) the edit video is actually a really great feature to have but unfortunately for me, it’s kind of hard to use. Those are the only problems I had because overall, it’s a cute app even beginners can use. I can 90% recommend this to someone wanting to make short animations

so far it’s very good! it have different brushes and that’s cool, you can also have many layers and etc. but it could improve a little more to make it the best app, like: *adding some options for you to merge the layers. * giving an option for you to put the music from your phone into the animation than recording it or have to play another device just to add the music since you just cant directly upload it… *importing videos and images from your gallery. *pallete of colors

This app is amazing I’ve always wanted to do animation and this is a wonderfull way to start

Simple app, yet so easy and efficient to make simple beautiful gifs or animation.

It’s great, Animation with this are pretty hard to do (probably because I do not have a stylus.) The only thing that could make this app better is a panning tool. Like, make it so I can draw or animate a big background and the camera will focus in on where I want it to. It would make animations look a whole lot better, trust me. Other than that, this app is an absolute wonder to use!

I like the fact that i can add multiple frames of different shapes and colors. That’s it. What i don’t like is as follows: -No music option -No sticker variety -No canvas rotation -The unremovable ‘picsart’ watermark on the finished product. This is my biggest problem. That watermark ruined my commission work. Picsart’s main app allows saving your work without the watermark. Please get with the program.

Varies from phone to phone. On previous phone running android 5, crashes frequently but otherwise marvellous app, best that I have used. On new phone running android, animation is very buggy and took me longer because of that. No option to rotate as well so hard to animate in widescreen. Overall a lot of features for a free app, easy to pick up and use, but held back by glitches in software.

It’s great for quick storyboarding and scribbling ideas on, but if I were to use it for a full 24 frame per second animation it would want it to have more options. For example placing a picture from your gallery into the frame as a whole object so i could trace paper sketches, which are cleaner for me, and take the picture back out so the tracing is still there. It would be great for beginners too learning by dividing real footage into frames and copying so they can get an idea on movement.

This animation app has the tendency to be the best animation app on Android with all its features but the fact that i can’t rotate the canvas is a big turn off. The best i can do is zoom out and zoom in and there are no short cuts for restoring the canvas to its initial size after zooming in or out, you just have to adjust it manually. I can deal with the fact that it has no features for adding sound but not being able to rotate the canvas is not good enough

Have been using this app for about 5 + years and have enjoyed it. However I have not given it a 5 star review because there is no way to remove the watermark, I’d be willing to pay for that on top of a cloud saving feature and the option to upload multiple pictures for separate frames that would help with a RotoScoping approach. Fine with keeping it free too, but at least give me the option to wat h an ad to remove the watermark. Please and thank you.

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