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Tayasui SketchesBecause beautiful tools make beautiful drawings, Sketches has the most beautiful brushes ever seen in an Android App.
Sketches is the drawing application with the most realistic tools, enhanced with a large number of advanced functions and a minimalist and intuitive interface.

Available with Pro options: many tool variants, layers and dozens of additional features.

Pro options are a one-time purchase with no time limit.

Over 20 ultra realistic tools
Import photos
Incredibly realistic watercolor wet brush
Brushes Editor
Color Eyedropper
Advanced sharing and export functions

Use layers to simplify your task

Stylus support
Discover even more realistic brushes with the use of a Wacom Stylus.

The brushes have been designed so that each stroke behaves vividly and truly like a brush on paper, adapting the pressure, angle, and width to your movements.

List of tools
Watercolor Dry and Wet brushes
Acrylic brush
Felt Pen
Pen Brush
Oil Pastel
Area and Filling tool
Cutter to copy/paste
Smudge tool

Tayasui Sketches user reviews :

The BEST sketching app, especially for pencil & watercolours effects ! I use this all the time, as it has the most natural feeling brush dynamics & patterns, combined with fantastic layer and image import / export capabilities. I paid for the upgraded / pro version, as it’s reasonably priced, and makes all the difference in terms of creativity and productivity. BTW – I love the watercolour wet blend functionality, it’s genius ! Highly recommended

Application that should be no1 but because of develeoper ignorance , limited resolution to 12mp lack of automatic 4K screen recordings just like Procreate or Painter Sketches is only a nice toy. For over a 5? years unexpected quit when using water droplets is not fixed. Automatic copy to the cloud cannot be successfully turned off to keep files only localy and more.

It is a good app for drawing I really like it even if the free tools are a bit limiting As a game developer, and artist I feel like the app is very well made with some nice brushes, and patterns, to start with. I’d be glad to pay the upgrade fee for the color picker alone, as the inability to reuse or save colors with the free version is a little inconvenient. I really appreciate the work that goes into making such a good app, and I hope it can continue getting developed for a long time to come.

  • Hi We can understand your dissatisfaction with paying for access to Pro features. Developing the app requires a lot of labor and hard work. We wouldn’t be able to develop all the Sketches Pro features if we didn’t charge a small fee, about the price of a box of cookies. In fact, we wouldn’t be able to offer Sketches at all, free or paid.

Update: I bought pro and it’s super glitchy. Please respond to my emails! when you use the cutter tool to resize/change the location of your sketch, your sketch goes downnnn in quality/blurry. I accidentally changed the color of the page and I can’t get it back to the original creme color which I loved very much Please make an option to reset the page settings. When u close the app and reopen u can’t undo and sometimes cant erase your strokes and a black screen appears.

  • Thanks a lot for taking the time share this problem us. We’ll look into that and fix it on our next update. Best regards. The Tayasui dev team

Two main improvement requests: 1) A smaller/repositionable brush width and opacity control. Perhaps a draggable on-screen dot for width that switches to drag-opacity on a double tap, then long press to move (for lefties). I’m always accidentally activating the sliders! 2) Device aware TILT support for shading on pencils, etc. But it’s one of the best, well-thought out sketching UIs out there that specifically fits a small phone screen (not just a tablet).

  • Hi, You can find a help online here : https://tayasui.com/sketches/androidhelp/ Best regards, The Tayasui dev team

Re-downloaded the app today. Can’t download the image to my gallery. I’ve tried so many ways. I end up screenshotting it but it’s not the same. Please fix it asap Also, you have removed the watercolor inkblot effect that comes with the paintbrush. It was such a cool effect in the app and now it’s not doing that anymore.

The app is very good tools and canvas wise! Drawing with this app is very nice. But the bugs make it impossible to draw at times. Ive had my app crash so many times and sometimes even delete my entire drawing that i worked super hard on. I hope this gets fixed in future updates. The app really does have the potential to be great

Wonderful addition to my tool sets! May be the best $ I’ve spent so far in that it’s the most realistic set of brushes and canvases I have come across on the android! It also is very user friendly, and I get great enjoyment out of just trying all the brushes out.

I am a professional illustrator who recently bought a tablet and wanted to find some new app, something accessible and fun, easy to learn and user interface friendly to practice sketching on a new device. I am an Android User who will never switch to IOS yet I’ve been a little jealous of Procreate users out there. I’ve seen people use it with ease and excitement and I wanted to find something similar for myself on my budget tablet. And I did! Got the Pro after 2 days, one time purchase only!

Is this app still supports? There is a few bugs. New doc isn’t new – there is an old picture, even if I delete it. And thee is more with layers. Perfect app, but have some non critical issues. And it would be great if you add some simple shapes – circle, triangle, square.

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