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Picture BirdWhat bird is it? Picture Bird can tell you!
The Picture Bird app is a smart bird identifier that can recognize any bird species by photo or sound. Simply take/upload a picture of a bird or record a bird’s sound, and you can get everything you want to know about it.

Key Features:

Accurate Bird ID:
With machine deep learning technology in pictures and sound recognition, the Picture Bird app can identify up to 1,000+ bird species with incredible accuracy. Users can either upload a bird picture or record a bird song or call, and the app will compare it with training sets of millions of photos or sounds in the database and provide the most exact match.

Detailed Bird Info:
Full encyclopedia of bird info. In your identified results, you can get detailed bird info including bird appearance, sound, habitat, distribution, feeding habits, etc. The Picture Insect app also provides high-quality articles on bird ID, attracting tips, birding hints, bird sightings, and more.

Unique Collections:
Save your observations with the in-app collection function and easily manage your findings. Share your happiness with friends with unique bird cards.

Whether you are curious about the name of a bird you met, eager to learn bird-feeding tips, or want to educate your children, Picture Bird will help you in the easiest and most effective way.

Download the Picture Bird app today, and join a group of over one million bird enthusiasts to explore the wonderland and learn ornithology together!

Picture Bird user reviews :

I was looking for an app where I can find out what a bird is based on the sounds it makes. Because not all birds are visible or able to immediately be found. I pointed my device in the direction of the bird making the sound and began recording it for the amount of time suggested to get a clear recording. This bird was quite close and loud enough, on the recording meter you can see the sound was being captured. Needless to say it didn’t work. Pointless. The bird won’t wait forever.

When you first open it it bombards you with a subscription option but if you close that window you can use it without a subscription of any kind with presumably limited features. It’s annoying that it is not forthcoming about what said features are but I can’t say I’m surprised.

So when you first log in it will say “7 day trial” if you hit the X at the top you can use the app. You do not need to pay I saw many reviews saying you need to pay but you absolutely do not need to pay. I love this app!!

I love it so far. Photo enhancer is very helpful. Of course, it did think Simon was a muscovy. We will forgive the app for not understanding backyard domestic ducks.

love the app but I would love to be able to save the bird ID’s for future reference. for example save to a “my backyard sightings” collection

You need to add more bird species. Every last one including extinct species. And the Spix’s macaw. Please add new ones. I can already tell your not doing that. They’re aren’t enough species in this app still.

  • Hello Rayna LeFeve, thanks so much for your feedback, I have forwarded the species you sent to product team, we are always adding more species in the database. In the future, you may email to support[at]picturebirdai.com for further assistance.

I am extremely surprised by the accuracy of this app! My daughter and I have a blast taking pictures of birds to identify them! It works best to take the pictures with your phone camera app then load the picture into the app for some reason the quality of the picture isn’t as good when you take picture through this app

Nice app to identify birds by sound. A little suggestion. Would be great if the was a big identify button on the home page, like in Shazam. As of today it takes so much time to find the submenu for this, that birds can finish chirping by the time you are ready

I love this app !! So informative ! I use the sound feature … no disappointments !! Thank you … I have told others about it !!

Great app, quick and accurate identification of birds, and a nice catalog of the species I have sighted, I love it!

Very good and it not only identified the bird but gave a lot of added information that was most helpful. Unfortunately we purposefully do not link any payment method. So being fare. It is a great app and sadly we have to remove the app. The trial appeared to be advertising free. But as it was only on the phone for a shot while what happens later cannot be commented on.

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