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[App] Firey Browser – Fast & Private

Firey BrowserFirey Browser is fast, safe and private!

It is the best free web browser for Android devices, with fast video download function and powerful ad blocker, with incognito browsing and data saving functions. It is also a full-featured dedicated browser downloader and fast video downloader.

The free internet explorer browser downloader app is a full-featured private browser downloader & HD video downloader app, You can download all-format videos and social media content at a lightning speed.

Main features

Fast Browsing and Downloads: Access websites, download multiple files (videos, audio, documents and more) with the speed of light. Download online videos easily from lots of websites: Facebook、Instagram and etc.

Smart Video Downloader and Video Player: Automatically detects videos from any website for you to download in one click. Optimized video player for the best watching experience.

Ad Block: Block annoying adverts and popups, save time and increase loading speed.

Data Saver: Stream movies, download files, browse more with less data on any website.

About Firey Browser

Fast Web Browser Downloader
Firey Browser can automatically detect downloadable videos through the smart detection function when you browse the Web, so that you can download and save online videos from almost every website. The Firey Browser with a download icon on the website will notify the user if there is an online video that the user can download. It is very easy to download videos using the “Smart Download” function.

Secure browser
In a secure browser, if you select the “incognito browser mode”, you can browse the page privately without leaving any traces. If you navigate to a dangerous site or download a dangerous file, a warning is displayed. Such a dedicated browser/incognito browser and safe browser application!

Bookmarks help save your favorite websites and provide quick navigation for later access. The history list helps memorize. Both can save you the time of finding your favorite websites.

Quick website
Provide various popular websites for you to browse. In addition, in the Internet Explorer web browser application, you can put your favorite websites (such as Facebook, YouTube, etc.) on the home page for quick access.

Data saver: In Web Browser, you can block ads and restrict loading images automatically to save mobile data.

Other functions
In the private browser downloader application, you can also change the background of the private browser to other styles. Switch “night mode” to protect your eyes and apply different themes to make the dedicated browser look more attractive. In addition, the adblock function can also act as an adguard or ad blocker to ensure your browsing is smooth.

Built-in video player
The built-in video player provides a one-stop service from video download to video playback. You can watch the video directly without exiting the application.

Search Engine
Switch the search engine according to your preference. We support Google, Yahoo, Ask, Yandex, AOL, DuckDuckGo and Bing.

Multi-Tab Manager
Easy switching of pages from multiple websites. Using a multi-tab manager will make your browsing experience smoother.

No image mode
When the network connection is poor, the imageless mode disables image and video loading to save data.

Switch to PC website
Support cross-device browsing, that is, browse from a mobile device to a PC browser mode.

On the page/translation
Find in the search to find the desired content on the website page and support translation.

In general, Firey Browser is a powerful Internet Explorer web browser application, a dedicated browser downloader or video downloader application for you to browse. Install the small-sized and high-performance private browser downloader app NOW to get more!

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Firey Browser user reviews :

UC Browser doesn’t work anymore at all I came across this app it’s a replica almost but works just like it and works great I don’t think download speeds are as fast as UC was but it still fast I’d recommend it since UC browser still hasn’t fixed that app crashing issue when u search anything up

This browser does everything its developers claim it can, but faster, and I choose what search engine to use. Seemless compatibility, integration, and operation. I give Fiery Browser a 5 of 5 rating. Thanks Fiery Folks.

This is nice browser with it’s tools, but addaway is reporting it as addware, i tested it simple in yahoo and chinese adds appear for crypto cheating schema!

Fast, but unable to download videos. It says to set permissions but the permission does not exist.

After deleting history 5 to 6 attempts only the last page removing AND home page for search is appearing FOR fresh search.

More Battery consuming than other web browsers but video detection and download mode is a good feature of this browser

fast web access and reliably best in quicker research learning.

You can’t bold or enlarged whenever you want to read anything on the application

The app is awesome there are just two flaws one is that when I checked the browser I’m not able to type in my search topic in a search bar I have to scroll down the list. The next flaw is that some of the websites I love I’m not able to access on the browser.

Wow, very great Internet Browser with lots of options such as adblocker, download easily videos/HD videos, shortcut of website, shortcut of icons such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest… etc. Keep it up and don’t change anything you have done so far, but you can only add more things that’s all, thanks.

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