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Meet PictureThis, an exciting new plant identification app!

How do you use a plant identifier? It’s simple. Just take or submit a photo to instantly and accurately identify thousands of plants, flowers, or trees, and then learn more about them with a detailed description – all in less than a second.

With PictureThis, you get advanced artificial intelligence that’s always ready to identify any plants and flowers you discover. Our app combines next-level visual recognition and deep learning technologies with the knowledge and experience of an entire network of garden and horticulture specialists. And now it’s all at your fingertips!

Key Features:
– Easy-to-use interface with friendly guides to help you get the best photo
– Identifies thousands of plants, flowers, and trees in under a second with advanced AI
– Get suggestions and advice from a network of friendly garden and horticulture specialists
– Quickly and easily share your photos with a growing community of plant lovers
– Keep track of all the plants, trees, and flowers you identify in your own personal collection
–We provide plant care tips and watering reminder setting, help you better grow your lovely plants.

Launched in 2015 by our team of researchers in China, PictureThis has built a vibrant community of more than 5 million active users. PictureThis is also a recommended-app on Google Play.


PictureThis user reviews :

When I used the free version, everything worked fine that they let me access. When I turned on the paid version, the app broke itself and I couldn’t use any functionality. It would constantly crash as well, even though the free version was totally stable. I suggest not using the paid version until they address their issues with it. Edit: To the response by the developer, I deleted your app. As it crashes too often to be usable.

  • Dear user, we sincerely apologize for your unsatisfactory experience. Please open the app, go to the “More” page, click on the settings icon in the top right corner, and scroll down to “Suggestions” to contact us. We will help identify the issue and work to fix it as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.

Super duper disappointed with the amount of features that are no longer available in the free version, such as diagnostic, watering schedule etc. when I first got this app there was one free ID per day, then they switched it out to unlimited IDs but without full access to the features. I much preferred having one ID per day but actually getting all the features

  • Hi Vincent, we truly value your feedback and apologize for any inconvenience. Our premium version now includes features like expert consultations to enhance user experience. We’d love to discuss your options and find a solution that suits you. Please feel free to reach out at hanna[at]glority.com.

Great app. I tried a bunch of birding apps and they were all overly complex as if you needed to be an expert or watch birds like your a scientist. This one makes it easy. You just take a photo and it catalogues it and gives you interesting information. The only thing I would like to see in this app is the ability to “unlock” birds. So for example, be able to build a collection or something and unlock a badge for finding those particular birds. Customer service is also great

I was skeptical so I tried it on 8 different house plants. 7 of those still had the ID and care info from the greenhouse and 1 was unknown. This app correctly identified 6 of the known plants and the unknown plant. The 1 plant it missed had the correct name listed as second choice on the list. Very impressive! My only suggestion is to add plant care tips to the database (suggested watering frequency and light level)

What an awesome app! Much better than PlantSnap. It IDs plants the majority of the time and if it does get it wrong it will at least get you in the right ballpark. I would recommend using this as a way give you an idea of what the plant might be and to then use keys to confirm or further narrow down the plant in question.

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