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[Game] Pinatamasters

Pinatamasters  Fight those pinatas! Explore the world!

Choose from wide variety of weapons. Upgrade them!
Make pinatas give you every penny they have!

Pinatamasters user reviews :

TOO MANY ADS. I am getting raped by adds. every 2 lvls or 2 tries i get an ad that i have to waste about 20..30 seconds to cancel and get back to the game. I understand you guys get paid for the ads, but once every 5 turns or lvls i can take an add, i am watching more comercials then i play the game. But the game is awesome. I love it. Just let me play more

The adds are so unbareable. After each round you are given the choice of collecting what you earned or doubling it for watching an add. After collecting what you earned, it usually gives you an add. If I wanted to watch an add, then I would’ve clicked on the double money option.

I give 5 stars because this game is very fun, colorful, and enticing. Multiple taps are not necessary for any one round, so there’s no tired or cramping phalanges. The characters are fun and playful, and defeating them awards you coins abounds. But it’s not just cosmetically pleasing! If you like a bit of strategy, you can work out the best ways to balance your features and coins – allowing for optimal character whoopin’! When it comes down to it, this is a fantastic click game worth playing.

I really wanted to give this game 5 stars. It is a great time killer and exactly what I wanted. The only problem is the sheer amount of ads, the only option to remover them is a €8/week subscription. I would’ve gladly payed 1 or 2 to help the devs, but this is just insane. I have had 3 ads in 4 minutes and I only know because the stop pausing the music I listen to and don’t start it again after the ad finishes.

It’s a fairly good game, but it can trick you sometimes. You may have to cancel the subsvription if it’s auto-renew, because it forces you to start a free trial, so be careful about that, and sometimes when you click on an ad offer (like the 2x money for 5 minutes), there is no way out of it and you have to watch the ad.

It has an amazing art style and is a beautiful game. unfortunately, that is over shadowed by the mediocre gameplay, strange subscription based ad free model, and worst of all is the abhorrent amount of ads. At one point it asked to play an ad and get 2x coins, I declined, it played the ad anyway and didn’t even get the bonus. Uninstalled.

I started to play Pinatamasters a short time ago (downloaded around 1-2 hours ago) and it annoys me that there is no settings button. The constant vibrations are annoying and serves no purpose to the gameplay, rather it distracts me. Additionally, music is loud and annoting, drowning out my own music and videos. Also membership is expenisve, but there is a way to skip it, and like hell I am paying for this.

lots of issues with the game, but the budget is that it tries to trick you into a premium subscription by conditioning you to click meaningless buttons during the intro, and the final button signs you up to premium with a very hard to see”x” at the top of the screen. the game itself is also quite boring, uninstalled it after 5 minutes of playing

I mean this game is really good but when i upgrade my ammo i spend alot of coins just to get 1 ammo shell thats my only problem apart from that really good game well done making this

The game is simple and fun, but the forced video ads ruin gameplay/flow. I don’t mind ads as long as they’re optional for reward, I often watch them (this is how I found this game too) but after every 3-5 levels I don’t want to watch an adv (for 0 rewards btw). Also 2 popups to pay for ad removal every start is a bit overkill. And you’re way too pricey. The dev(s) is/are a bit too needy and ruin the game. Keep the advs only optional so maybe you can keep more players… Uninstalled.

Fun game, was super addictive first time I played. After I took a break and came back the app doesnt work anymore. I enter the game, it loads and I play a round. The round ends and an ad pops up and that ad always hangs no matter what I do. I cant even upgrade or buy anything in the store now. Dont know if this is an issue exclusive to the S10+

A really fun game. Simple tap or press. upgrade weapons, strength, ammo. WHY 2 STARS? INSANE AMOUNT OF ADS. It take 15 seconds to play one round, after which you are stuck watching a 30 second AD, almost everytime. Then if you watch a Bonus 2x Ad they will give you double coins for 5 minutes, only they still make you watch 4-6 Ads at 30 seconds each; it eats up the 5 minutes quickly. No, you can’t back out of the ads. It is fun, Pinatas make you laugh, just be prepared- AD OVERLOAD!

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