Hero Bump – Defeat your enemies

[Game] Hero Bump – Real-time PvP Battle

Hero Bump Hero Bump is AVAILABLE NOW!

Compete with players worldwide!

Easy To Play
Aim and launch your hero with power control to defeat your enemies.

New Soccer Mode
Score fabulous goals in the brand-new Soccer Mode!

New Visuals
Unique art design and improved visual experience!

Arena Mechanisms
Many interactable Arena Mechanisms for you to discover and utilize.

Skill Rework
Various unique heroes with re-designed skills!

Competitive League
Join the new League competition for FREE. Earn great rewards.

New Quest System
More quests and better rewards are available now.

Co-op With Your Guild
Join a great guild. Earn rewards with your guildmates!

Facebook Fan Page: @HeroBump
Join the Hero Bump Community. Connect with us and learn more at:
Facebook Page:  www.facebook.com/HeroBumpMobile/
Facebook Group:  www.facebook.com/groups/herobumpcommunity
Discord:  discord.gg/Un88zRjSbG
Email: service.herobump[at]gmail.com

Hero Bump user reviews :

Character order can make or break a match, and this game is a prime example of that. If you have a good list of characters, but you need to reposition your tank for better ground, but they go last, sucks for you. When making your team, the order you put your characters in should be the order they act in. As is right now, RNG can guarantee a loss Another issue I’ve noticed is the connection issues. I can play taxing games like COD mobile no issue, but this one cuts out constantly and kills me

  • Dear hero, sorry for the unpleasant experience brought to you, we will keep improving our game and try our best to provide you better game experience, hope you have a good day

Please nerf the hero Splash. If he is last alive it is next to impossible to beat him as it requires a triple kill. Most of the time all 3 copies are across the map from eachother. Doesn’t matter if you’re the best player in the world, at that point it’s up to luck to beat Splash. (He is even more broken in the extra shot mode.)

  • Dear hero, we are sorry that we don’t provide you the best game experience(╥﹏╥) Thank you for your suggestion, I will submit it to the devs! Hava a nice day

Every fun game maybe a better powerbar option would be better as my fat thumbs hide it quite well. Maybe something like a separate side slider option for the fat thumb people. Apart from that loving the strategy and game play with the varied skills and options available. Cheers guys and keep it up

  • Dear hero, thank you for your suggestion. I recorded your suggestion in suggestion box. Related team will take further consideration. If you have other ideas about the game, we warmly welcome you to share with us. Many thanks.

I really like the game I am having an issue with the soccer ball game tho. It won’t let me take my turn. Or it will lag to the point I have 5 seconds to make my move and it’s so frustrating. I don’t have the issue in the reg game so I know it’s the soccer game that is messing up. I only play the soccer when it’s a daily quest so it’s extra frustrating. Lmk when it’s fixed I’ll change to 5 stars thx!

  • Dear hero, I am sorry to trouble you. For the football game problems you reported, you can contact customer service in the game, and feedback the problems you encountered and your information to us, and we will help you check the problem

My only dislike is being unable to zoom out to have better control of my aim when one of my characters is at the edge. Game is fun, different mechanics per character mixes up play a bit. Not a huge fan of maps but just my lack of skill.

  • Dear hero, thank you very much for your support, we will document this phenomenon and submit it to our relevant staff for improvement

Good turned bad, this game pre-update was almost perfect. After the update it seems almost everyone got a huge buff. Now some heroes are completely unplayable while some are over powered. I don’t understand how the cloud is stronger than the monk now. Makes zero sense. Probably won’t be playing anymore.

  • Dear hero, we are sorry to bring you a bad experience, we will reflect your opinion to the game management team

The game was amazing before the update. But now it’s kinda boring, the devs changed the rewards to 1 card and reduced the amount of cards you need to upgrade, which would be good if there was something to do other than ranked. New season doesn’t have anything special to it, and the rewards aren’t worth it. I hate the way they did the mythic chests now I have to get 20 keys to even get one mythic. I love this game but it needs to either change back or something completely new.

  • Dear hero, sorry for bringing you a bad experience, our staff are also thinking about new activities, I will also help you record the card questions you have feedback

Latest Update :

New Guild War
Who will own the island with mysterious treasures? Work together with guild mates and capture all the islands now!
New Techs
Brand new Techs are available now. Upgrade them and gain huge advantages in Guild War.

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