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[Game] Pixel Art – Color by number

Pixel Art

Color by number to melt your stress away with coloring games from a top developer!

Discover more than 15,000 FREE 2D and 3D artworks or create your own pixel art. Paint by number, relax and enjoy Pixel Art coloring game!

Designed by gaming experts and loved by players worldwide, Pixel Art coloring games help you dive into a world of coloring meditation. Choose from a wide range of fascinating artworks and paint by number while having fun!

Whether you are coloring to reduce stress or simply to relax, you’ll love coloring by number with this painting game.

Why play Pixel Art coloring games?

Coloring by number is simple. Browse pictures, then just tap a color number, and start painting the image. You will always know what color to use and where while playing Pixel Art coloring games.

More than 15,000 images to choose from. Color by number mandalas, flowers, and tons of other topics. Our coloring pages range from easy to very detailed and suit any taste and mood.

New pictures to paint by number every day. Discover new number coloring images on a daily basis, and you’ll never run out of free pictures to color!

Meet a brand new feature – Flower Garden! Color unique objects, build your own garden and get rewards. Dive into a new meta world inside Pixel Art!

Paint by number unique images during Seasonal Events! Color by number thematic pictures and get unique bonuses. Our images are specially crafted for major seasons, holidays and festivals. Build your own collection of images from popular coloring topics, such as Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and many more.

Pixelate your own photos with Pixel Art Camera. Upload any picture, prepare it for pixel coloring by adjusting the difficulty, and have fun! Color by number all your photos for free with our pixel art maker!

3D coloring games. Paint by numbers of 3D objects ensures an extremely fun coloring experience.

Share time-lapse videos with just one tap. Show everyone you’re into painting games!

Use coloring boosters to help you finish detailed pictures. Pick Color Splash to quickly fill areas with colors or Magic Wand to paint by number a range of cells of the same color.

Art games are a great way to relax and unwind. You are in total control: you choose what to color by numbers, where to do it, and when to start or finish. There’s no time limit or competition breathing down your neck. Just take your phone and enjoy coloring games. Play paint by number games and relax anywhere, anytime!

Our coloring game is a great art therapy sandbox to use when you feel anxious and stressed. Pick colors, put them on a board, and see the shades and gradients appear on your drawings. Release your inner artist by playing anti-stress painting games!

Start playing anti-stress coloring games and unleash your talented inner artist! Leave anxiety behind with the Pixel Art coloring games!

Pixel Art user reviews :

This is both an online and offline game, and I like that. If you don’t like ads much, just turn off your WiFi, and you can colour ad free. I’d rate this higher, but what I don’t like about the game is that if you press create and pick a picture, that’s on hard.. The max is 99 colours, which is why most of the pictures I’ve colored look off from the original picture. If they’re planning on changing the limit of the colors.. I’ll be more than happy to reconsider this rating. Highly recommend.

I like the app, it’s a great app to use to relax and take the mind off of things. But I would like to suggest for the create feature to have it be able to go horizontal for images that are too long, I find it a little upsetting that I can’t use some images because of them being too long, I think it would be nice to have the ability to go horizontal since it would also give a more clearer image of what I am creating, also having it only being able to do vertical really squeezes up the image

  • Hi! Thanks so much for sharing your opinion with us. We will use your feedback to make further improvements to Pixel Art: Color by Number. Thank you for giving us a chance to become better!

I love this app and spend many hours coloring with it. But the down side is, it crashes very frequently. Just abt everytime it crashes when the ads come up. Sometimes in the middle of coloring. I’ve had the picture I was working on completely disappear, never to be found again. And it’s very hard sometimes just to get the app to come up.

  • Hi Glenda! Thanks for contacting us! We’re sorry for this malfunction. We recommend you force quit all apps running in the background and restart the device. You can also clear the cached data: Device Settings – Apps – Pixel Art – Storage – Clear data – Clear cache. If the problem persists, please let us know via the Help section in the app.

Really really amazing and super fun game. I really like the idea of coloring your own images. I had an issue with the errors and vibration but I found it in the settings and was able to turn it off so all settings are there for anyone who didn’t know. But otherwise amazing game!

Ads are too long…hate having to wait 30 sec, frequently, to be able to proceed! 10 should be the max! Many graphics are way too pixelated, can’t tell what they are. Should be a way to erase mistakes! Additional > once a color is completed, the entire app is freezing and you have to completely close it out and reboot it and that is a total pain. One more negative and one less star.

  • Hello. Thanks for sharing your concerns with us. We apologize for the malfunction. It’s our top priority to make sure that you can enjoy the app. Would you please contact us via the Help section in the settings of the app? We’ll investigate the issues with ads and do our best to fix this for you.

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