Planet Master – Exploit mysterious planets

[Game] Planet Master

Planet Master  Planets turned into human girls in order to meet YOU!
Let’s exploit the galalxies with beautiful planet girls!

Healing game which allows you to do nothing – literally!
As affinity rises, planet girls will care for you and cheer you up!

Tremendous scales of Galaxies!
Let’s unlock and exploit mysterious planets and enter the new galaxy!

Various Planet Girls!
Picky, Generous, Timid, or…Silly?!
Girls with distinctive characters are waiting for you!

Save the universe from the evil “Enemies”!




Questions & Bug Report
If you find any bugs or inconvenience in th game,
please report to dfdsgtgame[at]
(Sorry for not answering you instantly!)

Mobile> Account> Google
Please check if all Google accounts are logged in.

login problems – Sign in to all Google Accounts on your mobile device. After that, delete the data cleanly and download it from the Google Play Store.

every characters is fictional, and over 18

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Planet Master user reviews :

love this game, played it for years, good way to kill time. so glad a new update was made for this game after a long while, thank you developers :) edit 09.04.22 message for developer/s, still love this game, just a suggestion; is it possible to add more satl for the later planets? at the moment we have satl for g1-g5 but none for s1-s6 they add many stats and are fun to collect while hunting motherships. new planets are the best thing you can add so thanks for doing this, so focus on new planets if you dont have time or interest in satl. also another suggestion, is it possible to add in the store under the item tab create s wormholes? we have create g1-g5 wormhole but none for s1-s6, i think people would buy these to increase the mining times of better planets.

Great time waister for what it is. My only game issues is that the advertisements will play but for whatever reason they are zoomed in so much that I can’t exit out of it unless I force close the game. That means I also don’t get the rewards and it doesn’t count towards my advertisement counter. I have to restart the game because it’s stuck on the zoomed in ad which I can’t close.
  • MistGame
  • Does the game end when the ad is finished?
Good game to check on every once in a while, while doing other thing IRL. I just wish the girls upgraded using gas would stay upgraded after a reset. The only way to get gas is to reset. Reset to get gas to reset to get gas. It makes me not want to use the gas, but everything else that uses gas, like skills, is permanent. Please dev, if a girl is upgraded to a lv using gas, have them start from there after a reset.
  • MistGame
  • Thanks for the review. You can use the [preserve universe] item in the shop to get gas without resetting. You can easily get cubes by catching battleships.
I love this game, the fact that an update came out, I was excitingly surprised. Not much was updated but at least it was something. I have played the other newer game of this but I prefer this one much much more. I wish that the planets and satellites were more fleshed out like being animated, more voice lines, or had character sheets(height, fav food, personality, etc.). Please keep updating with more, I’m looking forward to it.
  • MistGame
  • Thank you for not forgetting to update.
It’s the same Google account. The error occurs before the start screen when it’s loading. I can’t even start a new game from scratch. Thanks for the quick response
  • MistGame
  • Thanks for the review. Send us an email and we will help.
Good idle game with cute characters, but it’s tedious to level up planets 1 level at a time. I wish there were functions to level up planets x10 at least.
  • MistGame
  • Thanks for the review. Press and hold the button to ascend.
It’s a great game & I would recommend it 2 my friends but the only & I mean ONLY thing that keep me from giving it 5 stars r a high review is that every time I try 2 do explore it loads up a video & then it crashes. I have 2 go reload the game back again. Have yet 2 actually do an explorations. Been playing this game 4 about 2 months. It seems like the only way 2 get coins 2 buy the girls outfits is 2 actually buy the coins themselves.
  • MistGame
  • Thank you for your play. Are there cases where exploration still doesn’t go well?

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