Planet Smash – Enjoy discovering amazing planets

[Game] Planet Smash

Planet Smash Blast planets with your battery in the riveting Planet Smash.

Enjoy discovering amazing planets in breathtaking galaxies.

As you find a planet , you can enjoy idle gameplay or you can tap on the planets for fast missile shooting. In this idle space clicker, you need to destroy the planets that come into your way in the fastest way possible. How long can you go in the level based idle space smashing quest?

Collect your daily rewards & offline earnings and upgrade your weapons or skills. Additionally, Planet Smash features impeccable weapons that have different damage like the FLAME, ICE, LIGHTING, NUKE & more. Create your ultimate planet bomber attack with powerful upgrades to destroy even the largest planets!


Idle clicker & galaxy tap shooting gameplay
Exquisite 2d planet graphics
Earn coins while you are offline!
Log in every day for daily reward!
Upgrade your weapons or unlock more powerful skills

So, can you become the ultimate galaxy savior?
The space needs heroes just like you!

Planet Smash user reviews :

The graphics are okay, nothing extremely impressive. Gameplay loop is really boring. There are a lot of ads, that play at the end of each planet, so if you play fast there’s so many ads. Can’t really invest money in fun ways, nor reset for permanent upgrades, nothing that resembles an idle game.

To many adds. After the first 10 levels you starts giving adds at the end of every level. I generally don’t mind ads but not when you need to watch ads to get bonuses or an ad banner at the bottom of the screen.

It’s fun, but not much care was put into this game. My offline earnings were completely negated because my cannons and auto rockets defeated the boss. The laser and flame cannons just straight up suck compared to other cannons, even the first one is better. A lot of ads, as well. The bosses are really lame, too. They don’t have any action.

Played for a few days but the gems from my breaks (with ad boost) got me to a point where all the super sats are maxed while I’m in Space 4 and now all the planets are dying maybe 1-3 seconds into a level with zero effort from me and bosses are rarely any better… Wow…

Way too many advertisements! I probably spent 2 to 3 times as much time watching or trying to get out of ads as I did playing the game. I never got to play the game long enough at one time to know if it is fun.

The game is good and actually better than voodoos Version, so that’s already nice but I do have 1 complaint. The rocket volley seems to do no damage, or the damage is so minimal I can’t even see it, please fix this.

Should change the description to ‘contains a game, somewhere.’ You’ll be bombarded with ads. No reason to play or buy this as you can’t even experience it. I have seen less ads in magazines and YouTube videos. Google should ban this type of predatory behavior.

The gameplay is ok, however forcing ads after every level completed is a horrible way to treat your players. Ads should be optional or atleast provide rewards if we are forced to watch them.

  • Hello, the team is thinking of reducing the number of ads and optimizing them so as to bring you a better experience.Best

I actually really enjoyed this game, though you might want to play with your wifi turned off. Only takes one click and improves the experience a ton.

I love it I realized you have to hit the black dot to win but there’s is 2 things I hate the attacks do no damage next there’s too much ads!!!!!!!!!

Great game! I would love to see more content added to it (hence the reason for 4 instead of 5 stars). Took me a day and a half to beat it. Keep up the good work devs!

It’s an ok game but the ads make it atrocious to play, don’t waste your time. Find a game developer who actually makes good games and not cash grabs.

Perfect game and people say there are alot of ads but airplane mode exists but I beat the game and I have nothing else to achieve but I recommend

Pretty good but have no idea how to get gems and ads are ok but seen better but unfair for people to rate 1 star for an ok amount of ads they earn money off of it understand that.

pretty fun game, very easy to get through though. few ads here and there but all in all it works. it’s a fun little idle game.

This game is entertaining but i cant get to the second planet i try and try but i cant so please can you make a way to get to other planets or you guys aren’t done with the other planets

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