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[Game] Police Inc

Police IncFight crime, chase thief’s and pursuit criminals with sirens is what cops do!

Police Inc lets you build and manage your own police station.

Classic tycoon game
Build and upgrade departments like a jail or 911 control room.
Hire staff and train police officers in the police academy.

Idle gameplay elements
Finish missions and idle cold cases while the game is not active.

Cops game full of action
City patrol will protect your streets and arrest bandits to keep the peace in your city.
SWAT units will raid drug labs and rescue people.
Helicopters will help to intercept race cars.
Send out detectives to investigate murder cases.

Manage inventory
Equip machine guns, tasers or snipers to beat rebels.

This is the police game to give a try! The best FREE police tycoon simulation game available!

Police Inc user reviews :

This is a satisfying game. Having the ability to add weapons, people, and upgrade the police station is awesome.

Games really good. Like the whole idea of it. Just wish that the old missions from the start would pop up more. I know that once you unlock the better units you need to use them but might be good to have two modes of playing. A martial law (major crimes) and a calm mode. (minor crimes) I don’t know if I’ve explained this correctly but other than that. Amazing game!

Requires an Internet connection. Every app that requires full Internet access is a potential secuity risk; another back-door to my personal data. Android uses Intents as a way to mitigate this (and other) security risks, so you have other options, also online saves is not necessary, so you could definitely make it optional. I don’t like being forced to open my firewall for no reason. If this were an online multiplayer, I’d understand, but it’s not, so I only see it as a security risk.

  • Thank you for your explanation. I’m a single developer and created this game for fun. I added this service (which was a lot of work) to be able play on different devices. I’ve no intentions to collect any personal data and am not a company looking to sell any data. :-) I will reconsider the current implementation and see how I can make it optional.

Fun concept and good combination of gameplay elements, both instant and delayed. Game doesn’t force you to wait too much. Purchases and ads are implemented in a player-friendly way that adds to the game instead of “ransoming” it. Fun art and style as well. Well done!

Fun, easy and not crazy on the Ads! It’s true, you can actually play this game without enduring ads. The ads provide bonuses. The gameplay is simple, easy to master, fun to play casual or focused. Well done!

To build more floors u have to watch like 50 ads to get enough diamonds. there are other ways of getting diamonds but it takes way too long. a new floor is 50 diamonds and an ad gives you 3, just ONE daily mission gives you like 3 or 5. It’s the bottleneck of the game so you gotta pay to play.

  • You can also get free diamonds from completing missions, catching the thief which sometimes runs in front of the police station or with the new fortune wheel which was added in the latest update. Also daily missions give free gems. This all should give you enough diamonds to add the floors easily without having to watch any ads.

I like the game but I would like it if there would be a fenced parking lot for the patrol and SWAT vehicles, where you could assign the vehicles to different parking spots and maintain them.

Great game for kids and adults. If there are any achievements for complete and receiving trophies and badges for rewards, it is better. I love police jeeps and police dogs. Can you put some of them ? Keep going.

It’s a good game but the music makes you wanna doze off now if it had a dispatcher reporting the crimes keeping it up beat like a as you battle crime it keep it more interesting as you level up.

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