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[Game] Polygon Arena – Online Shooter

Polygon ArenaPolygon Arena is a casual first-person multiplayer 3D shooter with cartoon graphics and fun gameplay.

Play an addictive online first-person shooter action game with friends and other players online!

Fight in thrilling battles & frag pro enemies in this online FPS Polygon Arena shooter.

The best casual shooting war games experience in the arena. Call your best shooter and combat on the war.

If you like Online Shooter, Multiplayer PVP ,Single Player FPS and to be a sniper, so this Multiplayer Shooting game is for you

Perfect stylized graphics and high quality optimization for every mobile device.

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Polygon Arena user reviews :

a beautiful game. sound and graphics are amazing. The control and layout is top notch. I think the spawning situation is really flawed. there’s no rhyme or reason where enemies are spawned which can be right behind you and behind enemy lines. The map can be utterly chaotic. also, the aiming system is a little strange. There are unnecessary animations when you accidentally press the load button. I don’t know how many times I’ve died because I’m bumbling around with My player looking at his gun

WOW!! The development team did an amazing job with this one. Every aspect of this game was design with tremendous care. My nice Galaxy phone was destroyed so I’m using a cheap android phone until I can replace it. The game runs perfect on my old outdated phone. My only gripe is with the leveling up system. I regularly place in the top 3 in my matches but the payoff for wins and requirements to level up characters, weapons, etc seem to be extremely high. Great job, keep up the amazing work!

Nahh, had to uninstall it. Everytime you open chests it always do “Connecting to server” and at times you’ll get stuck by it. The presentation is not bad overall, but this feels like it’s a P2W game where you need to have to buy stuff to increase damage, health and armor. Not that really fun too, the matches are short and maps are small. Added with aim assist and auto fire, this should have been an idle game IMO, you’ll get lazy overtime.

Game will end at 40-39 and be a draw. Guns sometimes dont register people infront of me and wont shoot. The post-game score board is inaccurate often, sometimes displaying the losing team as winning. Enemy guns dont make sound. Sometimes it displays that I’ve obtained certain cards from chests but it doesnt give me them. #1 guy on the leaderboard has less than 2k wins yet 92k trophies? You get 20 trophies a win in every league, how is he at the top? This is just scratching the surface.

The game is great. Ideal play for a mobile shooter as you’re limited on what you can do with a phone vs a remote. It’s fun… But. The daily rewards have cheated me twice breaking a streak when I never stopped checking in daily. I emailed support twice and have not heard back anything yet. Until they respond and restore I’m keeping my score at 2 stars

It’s honestly pretty fun. COD but in a FPS-friendly poly-package. Should add more ways to customize and upgrade guns and to make some of the upgrades a little more affordable earlier on. Plus the current upgrade system, you don’t get to choose which stats you’re upgrading, you just pay increasingly more gold and gems for minor changes that you get no control over. Good game so far though

Great gameplay but the matchmaking and gun upgrade system sucks, I don’t understand why I have to headshot someone like 7 times and he just shoots me once in the foot to kill me. Fix the matchmaking and place players with similar guns in the same lobbies. Also the customisable hud is broken and looks different in game from the settings tab

The game is decent, my kind of style. Wish they add more game modes, new guns and different map as it seems its only limited. I hoping to see new development in this game as i really enjoy playing it even though im free to play. Sometimes it has bug on chest but its okay hoping u will fix the bugs soon.

Great game, love all the updates, except after I reconnect my wifi, it keeps telling me I have no connection, but everything on my end is just fine. Even reset my router and all. Could y’all’s side possibly need an update on the servers or something? Really don’t want to delete but Its causing me to literally not be able to battle.

I like this game the graphics are good but please fix one problem that is sometimes I click battle for playing sometimes my game doesn’t start something come to read and that says internet error but my internet signal is excellent but it again and again shows your internet error so please fix this. However It is overall good.

Update: since new update,after closing the game all guns lose their attachments,and i have to equip them from scratch. Still no fixes on fixer gun(doesn’t work at all).In matches there is often irregularities,i made 20 kills in a match,the opposite team made 34 kills together and my team 37. It stated we made 39 and they had 38 and they won??Downgrading from 4 to 3 stars

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