Blood Strike – Blast your enemies

[Game] Blood Strike – FPS for all

Blood Strike

Intuitive Controls. World Class Precision.

Aiming, shooting, running and gliding in Blood Strike are the smoothest you can experience in a mobile FPS. Let nothing stand between you and that perfect victory.

Get First Blood in Exciting Modes!
Blood Strike gives you access to Battle Royale, Death Match and Control Point modes as soon as you’re out of the tutorial.
Choose your favorite and blast your enemies!

Team Up For The Perfect Strike
Blood Strike lets you team up and play team-based modes quickly. Finding your friends, adding them to your squad and jumping in a firefight as a team couldn’t be easier!

Meet Strikers with Deadly Abilities
Pick your favorite hero each with their unique active and passive skill and bring defeat to your opponents!

Mobile First. Flawlessly Optimized.
Blood Strike is natively designed for mobile. It’s lightweight and has been fully optimized to work on a wide array of devices (2Gb RAM).
Bring the heat in fast paced firefights and keep your hands cool while doing it!

Press the advantage in fast paced firefights!
Having the guts to pounce on your enemies and pursue them in tense firefights is key to your success in Blood Strike. Tactical decisions matter, but don’t expect to camp a spot unchallenged!

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Blood Strike user reviews :

Overall had a great time with this game, I love the graphics and the characters especially the guns, for me it’s really fun to play solos on different maps and all, but I think this game could be a LOT better. This game has great potential and I’d love to see what it does next. What I do want to see here is maybe more guns that you need to grind for to get, kind of like Call of Duty, and maybe more map areas and events.

The game is good but it still needs a lot of improvement. First of all, you gotta add new maps and modes since its getting repetitive and boring after a while. Enemies are very hard to see since it matches the color of the background too well. You also gotta redo the buildings because it feels useless, it does not influence the fights that much since it’s hard to navigate. You gotta add more guns and attachments too. It is great for a newly released game, i hope you continue to improve the game.

This is by far the best mobile game I have played because everything is just perfect. Except the fact that there is not enough maps and also I can’t customize my character dressing and I can’t find enemies easily overall the game is good and I am impressed. Also I think you guys should add prone ability like lieing down to the game to make it look cooler and easier to avoid bullets. But still a great game 92 out of 100.

Okay, so I’ve playing for a few days, won a few matches, worked my way up to gold III, and I’m loving it! The graphics are stunning, the characters are beautiful, I love the weapon upgrades, loadouts, and other elements of gameplay. I do miss character customisation though. But, you have done a fantastic job, over 3 days I’ve only experienced a one second lag glitch. Honestly worth playing, and I haven’t even payed a cent. I legitimately wanted to review this, 5 mins before you asked me to…

(Previous rating 5star) ~The game is very fun to play. But some changes have to be done. Like the graphics should go higher so that high-end players can enjoy good graphics. There’s a problem that you can’t actually see enemies for some reason. You need to look very closely to spot enemies who are within the range of 20-50m. So it’s really difficult to spot enemies. Aim assist has to be lowered as it ruins the experience for many players. And please add more content to the game.~ Thank you→ ACE_404

My only issue is that the animation when the striker jumped in the plane is a little bit out of place, it should be putted in the time where you press the jump button so that it’s in order. It’s so awkward that the strikers jumped out of the plane, but they are still in the plane after the animation. But overall the game is really good! I really appreciate it! Good job devs!

This game has 10 times better performance and graphics than warzone mobile, more game modes, ranked mode, more weapon skins and it has the character classes. Warzone really needs to improve in a couple of weeks if not this game will definitely take over instead. I don’t give it a 5 star because there’s no skins for the characters or enough maps yet, other than that, perfect.

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