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[Game] Polysphere – Art of puzzle

Polysphere  Perfect way to relax is to make something truly beautiful!

Swipe to rotate the puzzle until you see a complete picture! Hundreds of levels to enjoy wait for you in Polysphere!

Polysphere user reviews :

The game looks good and is a great time waster, but but BUT. The ads. Not only do you HAVE TO watch 2 ads per set of levels to pass to the next one, you also get bombarded with unskippable ads after you solve each image! I ALWAYS watch ads if I get a bonus reward, but when it’s forced upon me like this… it just destroys my entire experience and it certainly DOESN’T make me want to spend cash on it.

The idea is brilliant. I enjoyed playing the game very much. That 10% of the time, between the ADS. Really? a 30 second un-skippable AD after literally every tap?! That makes the game un-playable. That is why, even if I like the controls, the graphics, and the gameplay of the ACTUAL game, I am rating all of them 1 star. I don’t know how to create Android games or apps, but I wonder why would a developer think it’s a good idea to shove ads down my throat after EVERY TAP. Nobody will play it, dude

I started quite enjoying the different levels on this game. However, there were levels only accessable by watching an ad or having premium. So I decided I’d watch the ads, as I don’t want premium. Although, when I clicked on the ads – no matter my connection or Wi-fi – it said ‘ Video Unavailable’. And I couldn’t move on without completing those levels as it requires you do atleast 6 of 10 levels to move on. But 5 of the levels you required ads or premium for. So I couldn’t move on. Don’t get.

I don’t usually put in effort to leave a bad review but when I spend more time watching ads then actually completing the puzzles, then there is something wrong. I would understand if it’s every few puzzles but it’s between every single one. And you don’t have the option to X out of them either. Definitely not worth it.

Like, it’s fun to play SOMETIMES, but the ads are constant and this thing logs me out of the game almost 80%. Would NOT recommend, this game is just a complete waste of time. If you want to make a successful game, at least don’t bombard it with unnecessary ads and half- boring puzzles. Just disappointing, really.

I love this so much, i have schizophrenia and it helps me to learn my concentration skills and it also helps me distract myself whenever i have a very hard time/episode/attacks. It keeps me calm because there’s no stress because of a timer, the colors and patterns are beautiful. (Sometimes very hard for someone like me but i love a challenge to show myself that i can do better) i absolutely love the calming music, it brings SO many good feelings to my brain.

Not gonna lie, the game is fun but there is wayyyy to man adds i understand the need for ad rev, but after every single puzzle is a little insane… made it like 7 Liles and watched maybe 15 adds. It would be worth it if it was after like every 6 or 7 puzzles because they are quick but its a little rediculus watching 30 second adds after 13 seconds of a puzzle so…un installing. Sorry

So cool, many levels. Just play fpr fun and if you can’t solve a level, you can watch ad. And if you don’t like pop-ups you can subscribe to the free trial of premium of course for free. But you still gonna have to watch ads to get help or to get the behind the ads content though. Very good idea. More fun than doing jigsaw puzzles.

I personally did enjoy the game but the ads are agitating. It’s like they purposely show so much ads that you end up buying the no ads. You have to watch an ad everytime you start a new picture. It is kind of irritating. I hope it gets looked at

The ads are so interuptive that I did not get past the 5th level. And paying for the premium subscription is way way to expensive because it costs 7€/Week. That is 28 per month you can get Xbox game pass for that.

The other reviews were right. SO MANY ADVERTISEMENTS. If you have incredible patience, or like me, you’re watching YouTube or tv while you play this, I personally think it’s worth it because the actual game content is quite good. Levels are interesting, relaxing, fun. Just be prepared for constant ads.

This app is cool, but one thing I’ve noticed is that for most of them it’s genuinely impossible to solve, then you get a button that says hint. If you click on it it plays an ad, and then it’s extremely easy to solve. Idk if that made any sense but yea.

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