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Washington Post VideoWashington Post Video is your place for the most-discussed, viral clips of the day, analysis and commentary from our award-winning reporters, and in-depth explainers that will get you ready for that dinner party chatter. Leaning back for some quality couch time? Check out our Features—documentary work that takes you to the places and people who matter.

Washington Post Video user reviews:

This app is a fantastic addition to the other Washington Post apps. I appreciate the quality of the content. My only suggestion would be to pipe the live video streams that are on the website from time to time into it.

Why does it take so let me to download clips ?

works great fantastic reporting

Owesome and right news

DEVELOPERS: The last time you updated the app was like 3 years ago (2016), come on. I still believe in Santa. And i also believe that one day you will care about this app. Fingers crossed.

Works great on my Nvidia Shield TV. Smooth playback without ads. Wish is had more video content.

Will not play videos on Nvidia Shield Tv.

Compatible con Android TV (permite búsquedas por voz) y Chromecast. Vídeos también disponibles en YouTube.

I love the washington post my favorite!

No Sound on Android TV This was a great app and worked beautifully until I tested it on a Shield TV running Android 6.0. Unfortunately there’s no sound when videos play anymore. Hopefully this gets fixed in an update.

Not Smooth The app needs more tuning. It stops playing even though the phone is connected to a wifi. It happens regularly. I have used 2 different wifis with 3 diffrent devices. 11/24/15 update: it’s getting better!! Thx alot

Ok, good content What happened to Chromecast continuous streaming? It used to play all suggested videos from just selecting the top one. Also Chromecast only works if I connect it while playing a video. If I connect before that i get an error. Update, Chromecast even worse than before, cannot stream at all anymore, lg g2
  • The Washington Post
  • Thank you for the feedback. We have tested Chromecast video at our end and is working as expected, could you please try again.

Problems with Chromecast News content is great! But, streaming with chromecast is pretty bad. As someone mentioned earlier, automatic playing of videos when selecting the first video doesn’t work consistently.

Great video news on android tv but Great for keeping up on news on android tv but it crashes sometimes on nexus player. If this isn’t eventually fixed I will lower my rating and uninstall it.

Much better now This app has been greatly improved. Only thing that I would like to see in the future is a landscape home screen for tablets.
  • The Washington Post
  • Thank you for the feedback. Please try out latest release it has many improvements including better Chromecast streaming and we no longer play video instantly.
Chromecast support is terrible, the streams are slow(works fine on other streaming apps). After video playback the screen goes black and you have to exit and restart to fix it. Also if you forgot to press the chromecast stream button you have to press a button to change to portrait mode and then you can press the chromecast button. This makes for a clunky user interface and just plain bad design. This is all too bad because the content has been good so far.
  • The Washington Post
  • Thank you for the feedback. Please download latest version of the app which includes improved UX for Chromecast streaming.

Good App, Needs Autoplay Good app. Good content. Plays fine on Chromecast. Needs autoplay (auto advancing to the next video) and a non-static standby screen to prevent screen burn-in.

There should be more app like this one on GTV. It’s great when you actually forget that it’s an app and you just enjoy the content.

Easy way to keep up with important news around the globe. Good app!

Every other news “network” should notice this app. This is how video news should be done on the internet and Google TV.

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