Undeleter – Recover deleted files from memory cards and internal storage

[App] Undeleter Recover Files & Data  (also know as Undelete for Root Users)

Undeleter    Scan for and recover deleted files from memory cards and internal storage on rooted* devices.

Undeleter can come in handy if you accidentally erase photos and videos, or want some old tunes to listen to on the go. Unerase them in minutes, on any rooted device!

Undeleter 3.0 supports all file system formats, including EXT, RFS and FAT.


Unerase files from formatted or corrupted memory
Restore deleted files from any type of volume – internal storage, SD card, OTG mount
Recover documents, pictures, video, music, archives, ebooks and binaries
Scan for deleted call logs, SMS and WhatsApp or Viber conversations
Save restored files directly to Dropbox and Google Drive

For free, the app will restore all supported image file types. Unlock it to undelete other supported file types, remove adverts and enable background scanning.

ROOT/SUPERUSER PERMISSIONS require that you modify the operating system on your device, visit our website for more information: fahrbot.co.uk/root

Join the Google Plus Beta community to try new features and get help from us and our users: plus.google.com/communities/113775337370180900364

Unlike your Mac, Windows and Linux computer, which save files to a recycle bin, taking up space and constantly using system resources, Undeleter examines the disk itself for files that have been irrevocably deleted, and only scans for these files when you need to. This means you can get your files back any time.

FILE TYPES: Journal scanning can discover files with any conceivable extension. Essentially these files are still on your volume with their data in allocated sectors. Journal scan is only available on EXT4 and derived file systems.

Deep scan heuristically scans and recovers the following types of files: BMP, JPEG/JPG, PNG, MNG, JNG, GIF, MP4, AVI, MKV, MP3, OGG, OGM, WAV, FLAC, AMR, MP4A, PDF, SXD, SXI, SXC, SXW, ODT,ODG, ODS, ODP, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, ZIP, JAR, APK, EPUB.

This list will be expanded in the future to include other kinds of files as well as app data like call logs, contacts and various types of messenger conversations.

Data scanning is available on all devices for a select number of apps, including the system dialer and SMS application. Data will be recovered in the form or HTML files for some applications.

For a good tutorial on how to use this app, look here: nexus5.wonderhowto.com/how-to/recover-deleted-files-photos-android-0157040/

NOTE: This app does not scan folders, it examines disk sectors shown by the operating system as Volumes. Folders do not actually contain any data, they are simply an organizational system employed by the OS.

NOTE: Some files that are discovered during a scan may fail to recover as the data can be corrupted beyond repair, just like desktop based solutions. Similarly, files that are recovered may fail to open or play back due to fragmentation. Try to save the restored files and transfer them to your desktop computer, where more robust, error-tolerant applications may be able to open them.

The app has a translation project, please join if you would like to help translate into your language: crowdin.com/project/undeleter-for-root-users

ACCOUNT PERMISSIONS are needed for Google Drive and Dropbox

Beta version permissions include contacts, call logs and messages. Needed for the various new App Data scanner options. If you block them your results will be affected.

If you have any questions, write to support[at]fahrbot.co.uk or back out of any screen to the volume selector and press “Send report” in the three dot menu.

Undeleter user reviews :

The restore feature works 8 times out 10. And its pretty great. My issue is with the shredding feature, which is just a straight up scam. It tells you the files have been “destroyed” but it comes up in the search again and again no matter how many times i shred the files. If you are going to boast about a powerful feature at least make it work.

Awesome.. This is kewllll… Im satisfied that I got my files back (photos, videos & so on). Before I use this app, I used another similar application named Dumpster, but it didnt work at all… Further, even Fahrbot only has 1 million users, but it is more useful, simply kind thing you guys should have install in your smartphone for smart users.. ^_^ Keep it up Fahrbot

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