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Private Photo  Calculator Gallery Vault may look like simple calculator with the naked eye but has a secret gallery lock behind it.

If you enter the correct password, this will actually allow user to Keep safe photos and videos behind fully functional Calculator.

Top Features

Photos & videos protection: Selected files will be hidden and can only be accessed with correct password.
Secret Locker: You can only open private photo vault by typing correct password into our Smart Calculator or your fingerprint (for supported devices).
Incognito Browser: an inbuilt private browser for your safe browsing of private websites and downloading of photos, videos and audios from web and lock instantly inside secret locker and leaves no tracks in your system.
Fake Password: Smart Calculator supports Fake Password to show fake content in extreme cases when you need to open secret locker in front of other peoples.
Direct Sharing: Share your locked Pictures, Videos or Files directly to social apps. No need to unlock.
Music/Apps/Docs/Contacts protection: Hide your personal audio,contacts,apks or any documents easily.
App Lock: Powerful and faster App lock with different lock themes for your better privacy of your apps. Fingerprint App Lock and fingerprint gallery vault supported to compatible devices.

IMPORTANT: Do not uninstall this app before unhiding your personal files otherwise it will be lost forever. Activate Uninstall Protection to prevent this app from being uninstalled by others especially kids.

Other useful features:
Face Down Phone will help you to perform chosen action in emergency situations when someone came suddenly. for example close smart calculator app, open website or open other app immediately.
Capture images and download Pictures, Videos from secret browser inside the app itself.
App Disappears from recent apps list. If you got any call when using locker then locker immediately closes itself and also if suddenly someone came near you and you just screen off then locker will closes automatically.
Supports “Calculator App Protection” to prevent calculator vault from being uninstall by kids or strangers and also prevent force stop your app lock by other applications.

More Amazing Tools:

Customize color of your full app. DIY color themes into our Smart Calculator.
Amazing image viewer with shuffle and slideshow options to relax and view photos.
Inbuilt Audio/Video player.

Inbuilt AppLock Features:

Choose from Multiple new themes and backgrounds for applock.
Intruder Selfie : catch the snoopers and capture selfie who try wrong password, pattern or finger print in your app lock.
Fake Cover: Fake App lock cover of force close screen appears over locked apps and only you know trick to open.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
To prevent Calculator being uninstalled, Calculator need Device Administrator Permission and Calculator never use any other Device Administrator permission except uninstall prevention.
This app uses Accessibility Service. To keep applock at best and help users with disabilities to remind unlock apps.

Useful FAQ:

Q). My hidden files are stored online?
A. No, your hidden files are stored inside phone locally.

Q). Got new phone or phone stolen or broken. Can i recover hidden files from old phone?
A. No, currently we do not support online backup of your hidden files so that you can not recover any of files from old phone.

Q). How do I change my password?
A. Open your secret vault first and Go to settings of calculator gallery vault app and click on Change password option.

Q). Forgot my password and how to recover?
A. Enter 7777 = on our smart calculator. This will open password recovery screen to recover your password in your registered email id with an app.

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Private Photo user reviews :

Splendid ! And along with this one thing is to be told that if there would have been the provision of internet video downloading directly in this application then it would have been more splendid !

It’s my opinion that this is the best private locker app that’s out there to date and I truly don’t believe that any other developers could do anything to improve upon this app as I believe it to be unbeatable per say for lack of a better term. It is truly a winner in my book and deserves all the accolades that I’m sure it won or will win so I just want to say thank you for helping me hide my porn from my wife and kids. BRAVO…BRAVO…HIP HIP HOORAY. I LOVE THIS APP!!!

Easy to use, easy to lock and easy to unlock. Simply a fantastic app for locking whatever you want.

Easy to use and secure… the few extra bucks to upgrade to no advertisements… can be carried across platforms.. make sure you remove your images… From this app… Reinstall the app… And put your images back in… This is how after you make the purchase you get know advertising well worth the price!

It is very has two passwords… Delete videos automatically from gallery that we hide..there is no fault in this app.. I using this app since 2 years..

The app is really awesome. Like all its features. But I have some request. 1)When this application is entered, the first file inside the folder such as pictures, videos, etc. is seen as a cover picture. Please close it and give a default folder icon as cover picture. 2)I detect a dark shadow on the screen when I am watching a video inside your app with your internal player. Please fix this and give the application an updated version.

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